Wednesday, September 2

Free stuff, easier than ever

Well, Swagbucks is pretty much the coolest way to earn freebies. I've earned totally FREE $10 Starbucks cards just by using Swagbucks as my search engine of choice. It takes awhile, but it is worth it - especially when I (almost) never justify splurging on a fancy pants cup of coffee.

The only problem was, part of the reason it took so long to earn that gift card is that I could never remember to go to the Swagbucks site, type in my info, and search. It was just too many steps and my mommy brain could NOT remember to do it.

Until now.

Swagbucks has now come up with a toolbar with a search bar. I downloaded it, and it's SO easy to remember now. There's a tiny little toolbar with SWAGBUCKS in capital letters to remind me to search there, plus a running total of my earnings. If you haven't signed up yet, use any of the Swagbucks links here and get 3 free swagbucks just for joining!

There are all kinds of rewards - planting a tree, gift cards, prepaid mastercards, etc. Something there for everyone! Go sign up today - if you're searching, you may as well be earning!


The Two of Us said...

I LOVE Swagbucks. So far I've gotten three Target $20 gift cards. I've used them to by decorative stuff for Jonathan's nursery - which I would probably never have gotten unless it was free, but I love it!

Blogger said...

SwagBucks is the number 1 get-paid-to site.