Monday, September 7

Works of God Monday

Sorry this is late - yesterday just didn't feel like Monday to me! I did not get right on posting first thing in the morning and before I knew it, it was 8:30pm and I was getting a phone call from Andrea asking "where is Works of God Monday?" Oops.

God is so good! He provides time and time again for the things we need, and depending on which version you're reading, bears our burdens, loads us with benefits, bears us up. This weekend, God gave me much encouragement through my husband. He used his time off to make improvements on our house - we are one step closer to finishing the trim! The bathroom is completely trimmed out! Hooray! My dad came over and helped us paint our garage entrance door, our back entrance door, and install the garage door opener.

The playroom/Evan's sleeping room has baseboard, as well as some sections of the hallway. Two closet doors have trim! It's so exciting!!

All the extension jambs are in the windows, which might not mean a whole lot to those of you who moved into a house that had all the windows nicely trimmed out, but it means we are making progress! And since I know you like visual aids, here are some examples. The first window has no extension jamb - this is how all the windows in our house have looked for a few years. The second photo is with an extension jamb. And that is how our windows look now. Improvement, yes?

The best part about this weekend's projects is that God provided the materials for us. And we didn't sneak into Home Depot in the dead of night and help ourselves, either. We were able to purchase all the wood for the jambs with gift cards that we were able to earn from various things. Hooray for unconventional ways of provision!

We have a little more trim in the garage to install before we have to purchase more, but it is great to watch the baby steps. We are praying that God will allow us to refinance our house soon, and this is one of the major steps toward that end. We are praising HIM for the holiday weekend and the time Michael was able to devote to our home improvements!

So, how has God been at work in YOUR life this week? How has He provided, encouraged, or convicted you? Please share!!

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up..." 1 Thess. 5:11

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The Two of Us said...

WHOHOO!! I have a super exciting Works of God! The Jehovah Jireh Project ( is now officially at 29% of it's goal. God has been providing and it is SOOO exciting to see. Recently there was a Friday deadline to provide one part of the fees and between Thursday afternoon and Friday, all the money came in for that part. PRAISE THE LORD!

Shelley said...

I know how good it feels to have a project done or close to it. I rejoice with you and thank the Lord for his provision always.

I will finish the plums today Yea!

Stephens said...

Very cool to see more of your home improvements and hear how God has provided! I wish I could see your place in person. . .Oh, and did I really call at 8:30 your time? :-) Glad it wasn't 8:30 MY time, right? ha ha

KColas said...

Hey Jenny, I cracked up at the idea of you and Michael sneaking into Home Depot in the dead of night to cart off window jambs - complete with "mission impossible" music...
So Aaron is into treasure maps and spies?? I know where he gets all that imagination! :)

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