Friday, September 25

Aaron's Amazing Dream

I was sleeping in my bed, and I waked up, and heard sompin'. And I looked, and it was you, Mom, flying around up high and catching birds, and going way up in the sky. And guess what, Mom? You had a cape! A BIIIIIIIG LOOOOOOONG cape! And then you went back to sleep and I flied around up high with my little tiny cape, and I flied into mommy's room and saw you in your bed and you heard a noise and waked up and saw me. Flying. And I had bandaids on my arms. Maybe I can do that outside today, mom.

Great dream, Aaron. I only wish I could get you to tell it for the video camera in the same adorable way you told me.

I love you!


Shelley said...

What an imagination. Maybe he can draw it on paper?
How fun.

Tim and Richelle said...

hee hee hee hee... love it!

Amanda Irene said...

boys are special!

Stephens said...

He is so adorable!