Monday, May 26

Works of God Monday

This Memorial Day, I am choosing to praise God for the amazing sacrifice of the men & women in our armed forces who have given their lives to protect our freedoms. I am thankful that God is at work in the world and that He calls people to serve Him in a variety of ways. THANK YOU armed forces!! And thank you, families of the servicemen & women for the gigantic sacrifice you make every day.

God is at work in the world, but also in our family! We've been blessed immensely with a job for Michael in construction - something that we never expected but something that has been a great asset and learning experience for him. And, despite the struggling economy, we have seen no setback in hours, and a busy summer is planned for his little company (the boss plus 2 employees). This October will mark 5 years with a great Christian boss and it has been such a huge blessing for us. God has also been providing side jobs for Michael lately, which has been another unexpected source of income. It looks very possible to meet our goal of being debt free very soon! Woo Hoo!

It's your turn!! Let's encourage one another in the Lord! First, blog about how God has been at work in your life this week - it can be a physical provision, a spiritual lesson learned, an opportunity to share with others, anything that was an evidence of God at work in you. Then, follow these directions:

If you've never used Mister Linky before, simply type your name in the top box, or a short description of the work that God has done, and then in the second box, paste the link from your specific "Works of God Monday" post. PLEASE make sure the link is to a specific post on your blog that is a personal testimony of how God has been at work in your life in the past week. Feel free to use the image from the top of this post if you like. Just right click the image and choose "save image as" then upload it into your post. Please contact me if you have any questions, and spread the word to your blogging friends!

If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave your works of God testimony in the comment section!

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Alicia said...

Amen! It brought tears to my eyes today at our city's memorial day parade when a float went by listing local citizens that have died in the Iraq conflict. We truly live a life of ease thanks to those brave men and women!