Friday, May 30

Prizes! Winner!

Thanks to all of you who entered the haiku challenge! How fun to get so many entries! I am not a haiku expert by any means, nor do I write it on a regular basis. So in order to be completely fair, I cheated. (And if you need a quotable quote, feel free to take that one, ha ha) Here is what I mean: I cheated wherein I printed out your comments, cut out each haiku and drew one as the winner instead of just picking my favorite.

The winner will receive 2 of my favorite things! A one-pot size sample of Seattle's Best Vanilla Bean coffee, and a tube of the best lip balm ever. This stuff is great - all natural & handmade by my friend Ashley who also makes goat's milk soap from goats they own and milk themselves. The name of her company is Kid Acres, how cute is that? She made this particular flavor (tastes like orange creamsicle, but has no sweetener) at my request, and I always keep a few extra tubes around for gifts. She is not selling her products online yet, but I hope to talk her into it in the near future. Seriously, she makes really great stuff.

So, drumroll please...The winner is...

SARAH GWIN! and here is her haiku:

Two-year-old dressed self
(Not worried about matching)
Fourteen times today

Sarah, email me your address and your prize is on it's way! Congratulations and thank you again to all who participated!!


Curt and Sarah said...

Wow! Thanks! You made my day!! :)

Alicia said...

Wow, I'm very interested in that lip balm. Let me know if/when she gets her business running. Fun contest, thanks! You can tell me . . . mine was your favorite haiku, right? :)

Rosemary and Dale said...

Good pick!! Even if it was by chance. That one was my favorite!!!