Wednesday, May 28

before and after

It's haircut week at the Muth house. Here is Aaron, before (after breakfast - milk is a great volumizing hair product, apparently) and after (clean and shorn). *sigh*

He's growing up, and I am feeling older by the minute. I about had a heart attack when I realized today that there are only 13 weeks until I'm full term with our second. That is not very long.


Kara said...

Does he do that every morning at breakfast? :)
(He is very handsome with his new haircut!)

Rachel said...

LOVE the spikey hair! What a hoot!! His haircut is so cute:). Did you cut his hair or go somewhere? I cannot cut Michael's hair to save my life! I've tried but failed to make it look decent. Anyway, cute pictures of your little man.

Carrie said...

This picture could win you millions!!! Love it.

TwoMuths said...

Kara, thankfully only on our "cheerios" mornings. This kid LOVES his cheerios and milk, eats forEVer. Therefore, we only do it about once a week. :-)

Rachel, I cut it. It was actually not supposed to be this short but his hair is so fine that it's hard to cut with clippers. Michael was holding him and I said, "well, it's gonna be short I guess" and just bit the bullet. It will be good for summer. The child has such a sweaty head.

Thanks, Carrie!

ruth said...

AWESOME! I have some cute video of Aaron counting down for the popper... what fun!

Janelle said...

You think he looks like a big boy now, just wait till #2 comes along! He'll go from your little baby to big boy in all of two seconds! He'll look like a giant compared to your tiny little bundle! Someone told me that and didn't really believe them, but oh how true it was when ou r little Megan got here. Also you'll have totally forgotten how tiny those babies used to be! Love the new haircut by the way! Don't worry, it'll grow back!

Rosemary and Dale said...

That's a nice 'SUMMER' HAIRCUT!!! Aaron looks like he just enlisted! :) WHAT a great grin!!! LOVE IT!!

Life in Lewisburg said...

He's a cutie, Carmen put vasiline in her hair a bit harder to get out.
Kids are great.