Thursday, May 1


I found this link for an adorable teacher appreciation gift over at MomAdvice, and applauded! Out loud, for no one to hear but me. Hurray, any teacher could use this!! And it isn't apple-y or scented or something to use in the tub or another candle! (again, this is one of those things I'm linking in order to find later)

And for all you parents of currently school aged children, check out this idea that blessed a teacher friend of mine. You've got just enough time to organize for the year-end teacher appreciation! You could do the same idea with a summery flowerpot with construction paper or silk flowers and the gift cards attached to the stems.

and no, the photo is not related. But these two are, and aren't they cute?

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Rosemary and Dale said...

WHAT A CUTE PICTURE!!! 2 red-headed guys. I think that you should keep those two, Jenny :)
Love, Aunt Rosemary