Friday, May 23

haiku, anyone?

pained by this kicking
well deserved, but not from you
dear child within, quit.

Anyone ever written haiku? It's pretty simple, just a 5-7-5 syllabic pattern in the lines. I think I had to write some in high school - or maybe in college. I can't remember.

Will you write one for me in the comment section? Pretty please?

I'll pick a winner, really I will. There might even be a prize. Think of it as a "Happy Memorial Day Weekend" activity. A vacation for your brain. It won't even cost you any gas money. Unless, perish the thought, you are reading this blog while driving.


Carrie said...

The season is spring
I just saw my new baby
He wiggles a lot!

Thanks for the challenge..I read the rules and enjoyed telling you about my ultrasound today!

Karen said...

My hips, killing me.
My back, very painful too.
Oh, pregnancy joys!

There wasn't anything in there about having to be pregnant to do this exercise, was there? :)

TwoMuths said...

Just to clarify - NO you don't have to be pregnant to participate! :-)

Thanks, ladies, these are great! Keep 'em coming!!

Kara said...

My bladder feels full
But I just used the restroom
How can this make sense?

(11 weeks and counting...)

Rosemary and Dale said...

Memorial Day Weekend
By Aunt Rosemary

Planting my garden
I waited all winter long
Now the joy begins!

Jane said...

I am here to say,
Thanks for stopping by, you won!
Free Pampers for you!

Hee, hee! It's true, you have won the coupon for diapers from my blog My Many Colored Days!

Please send your address and I will mail it off ASAP! janeclifflittle AT yahoo DOT com

Rachel said...

You are in there still.
Come out and meet your brother
He wants to play now.

How fun! All I can think of right now is being pregnant and getting this baby to come OUT!!!! :)

Michael & Sandra said...

can't have our own kids
my aching arms are empty
Lord, please fill them soon

Karen said...

For what it's worth, my vote goes to Sandra. And I'm praying for her tonight as well. Makes me feel horrible for complaining.

Michael & Sandra said...

I really wasn't trying for the sympathy vote (but thanks anyway, Karen). I just kept reading all the pregnancy haikus and that was all I could come up with.

Thanks for your prayers. God is still good even if He never gives us a baby, but my heart certainly does ache for one.

Alicia said...

Sandra: I hope the Lord leads you to adopt a child and comforts you until He fulfills your desires.

Here's my very non-pregnant haiku:

memory, today
shiny sun and crowded zoo
you smile at the snake

Curt and Sarah said...

Megan's New Hobby

Two-year-old dressed self
(Not worried about matching)
Fourteen times today.

Erin Neiner said...

the house is quiet,
the oven cooking chicken.
oh wait. i'm dreaming.


Mom & Dad Muth said...

It's been a long day
It is time to go to bed
Why do I stay up?

Love you lots, Mom Muth