Wednesday, May 21


I always thought "kiss it and make it all better" was a concept introduced by moms to their kiddos. However, I have had to rethink this.

Aaron has been coming to me lately when he has banged his fingers or toes and holding them out and saying, "momma? kiss?" and when I do he says "all better!" and gets this gigantic smile on his face.

I have no idea where he picked up this little habit, nor do I really care, because I think it's absolutely adorable. I'm really enjoying watching him grow, especially through this age where he's learning new things daily and talking in much more fluid sentences. He is quite the talker.

On the down side, his diction is a little questionable. There are a few words he says that sound like other words. When we are in public, I have to quickly say it back to him to avoid the misconception that we teach our child to curse or say things that are quite inappropriate. It is sometimes a tad embarrassing, but overall we just laugh and enjoy this funny little man and this fun little stage.

He's rarely without his hat these days, even when he's decked out in his pj's. It's the first thing he asks for (after daddy) when he wakes up and the last thing to put away before bed. He loves his daddy so much and wants to wear a hat like "daddy's hat" - he's started asking for "Broncos hat" and I really need to wash the thing, it's getting pretty dirty.

My mom says that each stage is more fun than the last, and I'm starting to agree with her. I'm really enjoying my toddler (even as I look forward to another newborn). What is/was your favorite stage in childhood, or is it different with each kiddo?


Reads said...

Audrey loves to get her scrapes kissed too! Now she will find scratches on us and give them a kiss. My favorite memory is when she kisses her own scrape, or she wants me to kiss my own scrape. I hope I never forget these moments.
I hate it when Audrey repeats a word over and over and I can't figure out what she is saying! I usually can translate for her well, but there are some words I'm clueless!

Alicia said...

I totally agree with your mom! Each stage as Chloe grows in awareness and interaction her personality is expressed more and more which makes life with her more and more fun! It's so fun for us to watch Chloe's imagination and pretending games. And its incredible to see how rapidly she soaks up new concepts. Of course each stage presents unique discipline/behavior issues too. Enjoy!

Karen said...

Oh, I agree--each stage more fun than the last! Livvie talks non-stop, all day long, and I LOVE it!

Rosemary and Dale said...

LOVE the pictures!!! The one by the fence is SO cute!
Maybe your mom had nicer kids than mine. Definately mine got to a stage when it was NOT that much fun ...somewhere between 8 - 10 YUCK!!...mouthy, uncooperative, moody. My grandkids went through that same stage.... But I sent THEM home to mom & dad! :) I was SO happy when my kids hit the teen years and they were nice again (REALLY!). So enjoy these precious FUN years!

Tim & Richelle said...

Your mom is a wise lady! I'd be agreeing with her - I think it is because I know my child better at each stage... our relationship has had that much time to grow that much deeper. I am continually amazed by how God grows them, the times I see the Holy Spirit at work in their hearts, how they change - physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually, and then getting those little glimpses of the big people they will be some day... I've got 7 continual miracles in progress wandering around my house every day!