Thursday, May 8

this joy is mine

Behold, one of Michael's favorite memories. He remembers mom reading to him and his siblings. And he remembers this book. (Which actually is saying a lot. He doesn't remember a whole lot of specifics from his childhood like this)

Around the time Aaron was born, Mom & Mary gathered up all the children's books with his name in them and sent them to us. What a treasure that box was! There are at least 20 Little Golden Books that say "This book belongs to Michael Muth" and that alone is enough to bring a smile to my face

We've been reading books right before nap times with Aaron, and just recently have begun to read the Little Golden Books mom sent so long ago. Today at naptime, Aaron said "Read book!? Timmy?" and was really excited when I grabbed it off the shelf. I am thrilled that I get to be a part of the tradition and read to our little boy from his daddy's childhood books.

I do have to admit I get a little choked up when I read the last page, "Timmy is a big boy. You are big too! Timmy can do lots of things. So can you."


Alicia said...

Aww, those last lines make me tear up too! It's crazy how quickly our babies grow. Just tonight Chloe was pretending to be a baby and I told her she would always be my baby to me. Of course she didn't get it but it struck me as I rocked her how very quickly these days are flying by.

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment:). Even though staying at home is hard work, it's the BEST, isn't it? Our babies grow up so fast but at least we are the ones raising them and spending time with them.

My husband gets very sentimental when he thinks about how fast Michael is growing up. He bought Michael every Richard Scarry book and tons of Little Golden books when he was born. We don't have "Busy Timmy" though. It looks so cute! I hope and pray that you are doing well:).

Kara said...

I also adore Little Golden Books, I pick them up at garage sales when I run across the ones I remember!