Wednesday, May 7

Wednesdays are Crazy Days

Does everyone have a day of the week that is an automatic no for extras? I can do errands, watch peoples' kids, get hair cuts, set up doctor visits and cook up a storm any day of the week.

Except Wednesdays. We.Are.Always.Busy.On.Wednesday.

It has made life much better since I started saying "no" to Wednesday extras. For us, it means that Michael comes home early from work in order to finish up the final touches on Wednesday night's youth group events, go over his message, and still have enough time to eat dinner, get a shower, and all of us be out the door at 5:30 to pick up the kids we take with us. During the day I finish up the mundane parts of the Wednesday program - the papers we send home with the kids, the agendas for the workers for the following weeks, adding up the points, updating the youth group blog (on occasion) and making dinner MUCH earlier.

And, Something Unexpected always happens on Wednesday of all days. Of course I try to be flexible and work through it. But saying no has been the best decision for us this year. It has made such a difference.

What day of the week is your busiest? What makes it that way? And, of course most importantly, what is your "go to" dinner for those Crazy Days?


Ruth Copley said...

Hey Jenny, how are you doing? My busy day is Thursday since I have Awana in the evening...I need to start learning to say "no" to thing on that day. Unfortunately, it seems the doctor, therapist, etc. is only available on that day as well! A great go-to-meal? Anything that can go into the crockpot and can cook all day so all I have to do is just scoop, eat, and run. :)

Alicia said...

My busy day is Thursday. We have Bible study in the morning and have to be out the door with both kiddos by 8:15. We eat lunch there at church and then get home by naptime (roughly). I usually crash during the afternoons and do a simple pasta supper on Thursdays. I'm pumped about tomorrow though - we're having a big ole potluck brunch. Yum!

Amanda said...

Viola!! we love it!!! The garlic chicken or the cheese one. Its in the frozen food. Its got the veggie's and chicken and noodles. The kids even like it. It's from birds eye. Thats whats for dinner almost every sunday for lunch.

jeileenbaylor said...

My day is Tuesday - I teach all day - have a faculty meeting and then head straight to grad. school and don't even get home until 10:30pm! i can't fit anything extra in on Tuesdays!

Mary Ann said...

My crazy days are Monday & Thursday because they are my 2 job days. I work 7-3 at my full time job (nuclear pharmacy) and then 3:30-9 at my part time job (retail pharmacy). Things have eased up just a bit b/c I'm no longer training for the Indy Mini. I can go home after work instead of going to the Y to run.

ruth said...

Jenny, I'm with you on Wednesday since we have youth group, but Monday's are a close second. My quick meal is either pasta or grilled cheese with tomato soup.

I like your graphic here. It reminds me of the tie-dyed shirts we made on TS summer tour. And THAT reminds me of the guys clicking their heels off into the sunset. I'll have to try to dig up that picture.

Autum said...

Wednesday's are ours as well. Playgroup in the morning/afternoon (if I am not working) and then Cubbies for Tyler in the evening. I am looking forward to the calmer Wednesday pace of summer. Usually a no nap day. I even try to go to the chiropractor a different day, though it means another trip out of the house.

Not much help on the dinner angle. Yesterday we didn't eat dinner until after Awana. Frequently over the winter we had pasta for dinner - spaghetti or alfrado.