Thursday, May 22

all wishes granted

You'll never guess what I came across today. Oh, yes. My very own baby naming genie...and he can be yours, too.

Of course, some of the suggestions are laughable (Sheldon Brendon Muth? I don't think so...)


Curt and Sarah said...

That was funny. :)

Kara said...

Well, of course I had to try it too!
First try- Jessica Thalia.
Second try- Janelle Marison.
Third try- Brooke Celine. I could actually live with that one.

Alicia said...

That's crazy! According to the genie we should have named Clive this:
1st try: Barry Peter Horn. Barry?!? C'mon! That sounds like a balding office executive . . .
2nd try: Alden Dalton Horn. What's with the 'en and 'on endings?!
3rd try: Elijah Sage Horn. Sorry, too c'mon and herbal sounding for me.
4th try: Remington Colton Horn.

Oh my. Thanks for the laughs, Jenny!

Alicia said...

*meant to say "common" instead of "c'mon" for the third try.

TwoMuths said...

I'm so glad you guys got a kick out of this. I was tired to death of looking through pages and pages of names, so I googled "name my baby" and this popped up. I have been giggling a lot, too!

Michael & Sandra said...

We don't even have kids, but I had to try it too. Here is what it came up with for us:

Bryan Weston Herriage
Andrew Prince Herriage
Tyson Landon Herriage

Lindsey Daphne Herriage
Christa Sarah Herriage
Mallory Megan Herriage

Pretty funny. Especially the "prince" middle name. :)

Rosemary and Dale said...

We like names that mean something to us. What are your feelings on using family names (say, an especially nice grandparent, etc.)? Our first son's middle name is Dale's dad's name. He was really close to his grandpa (and even with him as he died!) and is very proud of the name. Also our granddaughter's middle name is her dad's grandmother's name. She has met that special lady who was very important in her dad's childhood. She is very proud of her middle name although it is very old fashioned.
Of course, Bible names are great. Although the Biblical Aaron's little brother was MOSES! Moses Muth!!! I don't think so!! :)

TwoMuths said...

Aaron is actually Michael's middle name, that is how we picked his name! Poor child didn't have a middle name for days, though. We have a girl's name all picked out from last time, and we think we may have found a boy's middle name that we like this time, just no first name. Oh, brother!! :-)

I'm so picky about names, it's actually ridiculous. I don't want anything that starts with an M or has the "oo" sound like Muth (ex - "Luke Muth") The first name has to have two syllables or more, and cannot be a "most popular" name. Nor can it be "too" unusual or unique. Plus it has to have a really great meaning. (of course)

After all that, Michael & I have to agree that we both like it. Which is not always the case. Thankfully, we still have awhile to decide. :-)