Wednesday, November 24


Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and today is jam packed with things to be thankful for! My mom is coming over! Woo hoo! I know there are lots of little second graders and their families who are super glad mom teaches, and I am too - but I really miss my parents in the school year time. I'm glad their work is appreciated and that they are loved. I am also thankful for summer break and days off from school, because I love spending time with my mom! We have pie baking and side dish planning on the docket for today.

And then tonight I get to have some girl time with some friends from high school. It's been way too long, and I need a good laugh, the kind of belly laughs that can only come of laughing at your high school self from a new perspective.

Have I mentioned that I am thankful for our new camera? It's nothing fancy, but it gets the job done with more megapixels than the last model, so that is a definite improvement.

Then tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I'm ready with my 18-day long list of things to be thankful for! Do you have any special traditions for Thanksgiving Day?? I would love to hear!

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