Thursday, November 11

15 days

Today, it's easy to think of a BIG thing I am thankful for. It's Veterans Day.

1. I am thankful for freedom. In fact, I was just talking about this on election day with a friend. People have DIED because they loved freedom, and wanted YOU to have it too. This is something I cannot fathom, but I am so, SO grateful. For freedom, for those who serve, for families that sacrifice time with their soldiers.

2. This is a small one, compared to the above. I am thankful I am not getting a tooth extracted today. It was scheduled, but moved for various reasons. I am glad to avoid that today.

3. Another small one. I'm thankful that the garbage disposal is hooked up. These are baby steps, but GOOD baby steps, to a fully functioning kitchen.

4. My husband, who works all day and then comes home to slave away until late at night getting things done in our kitchen. Yesterday he worked on it after a long work day, and youth group. He's so cool. I love him.

Count down the days until Thanksgiving with me - what are you thankful for?


gtd said...
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Shelley said...

I'm thankful that our dishwasher will be fixed today