Tuesday, November 16

10 Days

Thankful for
1. Raw Dairy at great prices.
2. Friends willing to help retrieve said dairy items. (Thanks, Hannah!)
3. Green Tea Lattes (TIFFANY!!!)
4. Leftover Potato Soup for lunch
5. THE KITCHEN IS DONE (well, except the backsplash...)
6. The promise of sleep, t-minus 6 hours, and counting.
7. A great sitter who did fun projects with the kids and kept them happy and healthy while I was gone for a few hours this morning.

Praise God with me for little and big things today!

And yes, pictures of the kitchen will be coming - but, unfortunately...we have to replace our camera first!


dan and cheryl forbes said...

You can borrow ours for picture taking :) Especially to take pictures of your beautiful kitchen! mom

Tiff said...

No shout out to me for the green tea latte suggestion :(

Can't wait to see the kitchen next week!