Wednesday, November 24

Christmas Cards!

Every year, I procrastinate with cards. It's not so much the acquiring of the cards - there is always some great deal going on where I can get a discount on photo cards to send out to the family - I love Shutterfly's Christmas card designs this year, by the way! I procrastinate in the updating of address lists, the sticking the cards in the envelopes, and the mailing of the cards. OOPS.

One year, I even sent some New Year's Cards. That was before kids, so you know this problem hasn't been a new one. A woman from my BSF group sent Thanksgiving cards this year, which I thought was a great idea!

Shutterfly has been a great company for me to work with - I bought a photo calendar one year for my parents with kiddo pictures in it - they loved it! Here's a desk version that would be a cute gift! You can ask Kris & Andrea how they like their crazy photo mugs we got them last year. Plus they are giving me some free photo cards just for writing this blog post - woo hoo for me! So go check out Shutterfly's website and see what you can create this season!!

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