Friday, November 12

14 days

WHEW! I just made it in under the wire today.

Thankful for a day off work for Michael, equaling a working sink and DISHWASHER, can I get an Amen??

Also thankful for the magical effect sleep seems to have on attitudes around here. Mine included.

I'm also thankful for my chiropractor, who adjusted the whole family again today. Evan LOVES the adjustments; actually, both kids do really well.

And one last thing - Lucy's. I found boxes of Lucy's Gluten Free Cookies for 49 cents at Blue Knight today. Sometimes I like to take a million hours to bake up fabulous gluten free snacks. Other times I like to open a box and eat delicious snacks that are gluten free. Emphasis on delicious. Which doesn't happen often. SO thank you, Lucy. And thank you, Blue Knight. The boxes still had their grocery store tags on them - $4.79.

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Alicia said...

Hear hear to all your thankfulness! A good night's rest really does amazing things doesn't it?