Tuesday, March 30

ooh, ooh, haiku

Something about seasons changing always inspires more creativity - I'm sure it has to do with my desire for a fresh start or something. In the fall, it seems like poetry is everywhere, and in the spring, all is new. Summer brings the anticipation of heat, swimming pools, freckles (and other more distasteful side effects, but the change into summer is great). And of course there is no denying my affinity for snow and winter (you need not agree).

So today, Erin reminded me today (via brilliant facebook status) that haiku is FUN, so in honor of that reminder I am hosting a haiku challenge. If this is sounding a tad familiar, you are probably remembering that I did, in fact, host another haiku challenge a little less than two years ago.

So in honor of months that begin with M and, unlike the last challenge, not announcing anything pregnancy related, I bring you a challenge - write a haiku here in the comments for a chance to win a fabulous prize.

It will involve a brand spanking new Pampered Chef product, or maybe two. I won't tell you what it is but I will tell you that virtually everyone can use this and that it is NEW, as in available just recently, so the chances of you already owning it are slim to none. Deadline is FRIDAY, so start cracking and give it your best shot.

Here's a little something to get you going

Oranges are best
without seeds, and fresh from tree
But I live up north.


The broom stands alone
My living room neglected
Sunshine is calling

Can't wait to read your entries!


Shelley said...

Carmen is good at this.

Steve said...

wow I feel so honoured! the best part is your linking to my blog that I haven't written in 6 months. lol....gotta get back to that. anywho....I will have to think about this one.... do you want it to be about seasons?

TwoMuths said...

Erin, or Steve, or whatever your name is ;-), it can be about whatever you like.

Stephens said...

Spring equals "achoo"
Beautiful flowers abound
Thankful for Zyrtec

Kris Stephens said...

My wife is crazy
She talked me into this thing
I'm done with it now

laura.railing said...

May brings photographs
Chance to forever capture
Some Snapshots in Time

Mama Mia said...

I want to win it
Pampered Chef thing from Jenny
Oh, what can it be?

Erin A.

Mary Ann said...

Sorry no haiku from me...BUT I did want to let you know that I nominated you for a couple of bloggy awards. Check out my blog for details!

Karen said...

"It is finished, done."
Cruel death was not the end!
"He is ris'n, indeed!"

Curt and Sarah said...

We went to the park.
They prefer to play in dirt.
Tonight they get baths.