Monday, March 22

Works of God Monday

This week, many blessings. God provided for a lot of our "wants" as well as my spiritual needs.

First, let me say that I was blessed down to my toes this Sunday - Pastor Dan preached on worshiping God, and focused on the fact that God does not change. I was shouting hallelujah inside, and amen-ing loudly on the outside. Maybe I should have let out a hallelujah, now that I think about it. *grin* I was also challenged to seek the Lord with fervor (Proverbs 2)

Second, Michael had Friday off for a doctor's appointment. He's been having trouble with one of his shoulders, has had 12 weeks of PT, and then an MRI a couple weeks ago as things are not progressing as hoped. I was able to go with him to see the specialist. He got a cortisone shot - I got out of there for that part of the appointment!! We are hoping and praying that this will do the trick and that surgery will not be necessary! We'll see the doctor again after we get back from California in April. Pray with us on that one?

After his appointment, we ate Indian!! food!! in!! Midland!! And my taste buds rejoiced. You might not think this is a work of God, but I disagree. I am so happy that deli/market opened last week. I told Michael that lunch was like scratching an itch that has been itching for at least 3 years. Woo hoo!

That afternoon, we drove to Pinconning to check out a piece of furniture that we found on Craigslist. It was advertised as a dry bar, but we are using it in the living room as a TV stand. It's undergoing renovations now but we are thrilled that God provided another "want" for us!

And on our way back, we stopped at Blue Knight Foods in Bay City and found these, among other things.

Praise the LORD! (that is a 2# bag of flour!)

There are not always gluten free products available, but when they are, they are dirt cheap. It can be a scary visit if you're even moderately squeamish, but as long as I get my hand sanitizer out upon returning to the vehicle I'm fine. Check out those prices, people!! That is definitely a work of God. And you'd better believe I'll be making that french bread soon to try out this variety of mix.

I have more blessings, but not more time - I'll have to continue to share them during the rest of the week. Thanks, by the way, for your patience as I try to figure out where blogging fits into my day to day life with 2 busy boys!

SO, how has God been working in your family? Has He been teaching you lessons about Him? Providing for your needs? Calling your attention to His works? Share here, please?!

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up..." 1 Thess. 5:11

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