Thursday, March 25

Aaron, quoted

Our 3 1/2 year old has us cracking up (or pulling our hair out) constantly. We love him so much, and it is fun to see his personality grow and develop. Here are some of his quips of late. I had them up on Facebook, but that is not as long lasting as the blog - so I'm saving them here.

"Aaron, sit on your chair and eat your lunch" - "But mom, I just want to dance!" uh, oh. (today)

Drove through for some coffee this morning on my way back from a Meijer run, and was singing "coffee for me, coffee for me" and then Aaron pipes up in the back "coffee for the boss, coffee for the boss" - or at least that is what I THOUGHT he said - he actually was saying "coffee for the bus" but I was still laughing. (also today)

"I'm in the Lord's Army" Aaron-style "I may never honk into outer space, ride in the cava-ry, shoot at the 'tillery (repeat, missing "I'm in the Lord's army") and, at random, "si, senor! (March 8)

Aaron: "Mom, I love you a lot!! (hug, kiss) AND a little bit!! (hug, kiss)" (Feb 25)

"Mom, I can't change into my underwear because it has pretend fire and it is hot."(Feb16)

He set the timer and said, "When the timer goes off, mom, it's naptime. Is that ok?" (Feb 4)

Aaron- "Mom, can you turn around and not look at me please?" - "Why, Aaron?" - "Because I rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to put my finger in my nose." - "Do you want a kleenex?" "Oh, yeah, that'd be great!" (Jan 31)

Aaron, to his spoonful of frozen blueberries in milk, "I'm going to eat all of you, the whole family, okay?" (Jan 22)

Overheard: "You're my best brother, Evan!" (Jan 20)

"Mommy, I'm done scissoring. These kind are for the older kids, okay?" (um, what older kids??) (Jan 15)

Aaron just came up and called me "Mama Mia" what in the world - what is this kid thinking?? We will never, ever know!! (Jan 12)


Michael - "So, Aaron, how did it go today with your friends?" Aaron - "It got a little dicey." (And it HAD, making his out-of-nowhere comment even more hysterical!!) (November 30)


Karen said...

Hysterical! I just love the things they say. Gotta wonder what goes through their minds all the times they don't say anything!

Blueberry comment was especially funny to me.

Mary Ann said...

That kid has great vocabulary! It reminds me of when my niece & nephew were little & they would use the word 'inappropriate'. They knew it well b/c their dad used it often in scolding their behaviour. Kids are wonderful comic relief. Thanks for sharing!

ruth said...

I think the dicey comment is my favorite, with the "I just want to dance." coming in second. ROFL

Shelley said...

Love the quotes. I made quotes one year of the silly things our girls said and printed the in a Christmas letter one year.
Carmen wanted to make a birdard sandwich. I asked what that was. Her response, "It's all the bottles in the refrigerator".

Kara said...

I'm still a big fan of the "dicey" comment. So funny!