Thursday, April 1

no foolin'

I thought about a great April Fool's post, but then thought better of it, remembering a college roommate who played a joke on her future in laws with her boyfriend at the time - calling to tell the family that they were engaged, and they weren't. Still makes me laugh, but I doubt the mom thought it was funny until they actually were engaged. So posting something fantastic would be funny, but not to some of you, I am sure.

Moving on, I love Qdoba and am happy that they have gluten free options - yay! I can eat there! So, we had this rice for dinner last night, and I can't stop thinking about it - and I also can't wait to try it again. I doubled the batch and added more cilantro - like 1/2 cup total, but other than that, just like the recipe. I cannot wait to make the beans. I served the rice with my "famous" salsa chicken, which is 2 large frozen chicken breasts with 1+ cup of salsa in the crock pot for 2-3 hours on high and then shredded.

So we had fake Qdoba burritos minus beans. Delicious. Even though I couldn't eat the tortilla, and I think we all know what Qdoba calls burritos without the shell. The kiddos loved the rice, too. Evan was two-fisting all the way through 2 or 3 bowls of it - so, big success. I used white rice, so that might have been part of it. I usually use brown.

On the gluten free front, the elimination of gluten has been helping some, but not all, of my symptoms. So as of yesterday I also cut out dairy. We will see how that pans out - and next week, I am planning to get in with an accupuncturist/BioSet practitioner who can, supposedly, eliminate allergies and sensitivities. Praying that will do the trick, and if it does, you have not heard the end of it!! How awesome would that be, really? I do know people who have had great success, so I am optimistic that if my problems are indeed from food, help is available. If not, to the traditional doctor I go *sigh*

Really, you must try this rice. I am going to grow cilantro in my garden this year solely because I know I will be making this recipe at least once a week or until I (or someone else in the family) gets sick of it.

And this brings the awesome rice recipe count to at least 4!!


Anonymous said...

So excited to hear you're seeing the acupuncturist. You must let us all know how it goes!


Ben Layer said...

what kind of a weirdo would play a crazy April Fool's joke like that? I mean, some people have no taste.

TwoMuths said...

hee hee.

Alicia said...

We LOVE cilantro in rice as well though when I say "we" I mean me and Matt. What are these alluded to awesome rice recipes?

Good luck with cilantro growing -- can be tricky. We're trying it again this year too.

I had Bible study this morning and seriously considered making a scene and pretending my water broke. BUT in a room with 100+ ladies (1/2 of which are of the older set) I didn't think the joke would be fully appreciated. :)