Sunday, April 18



Have you ever forgotten something while packing for a trip?

I wallet.

So, instead of sunny California, and church with our friends, the Stephens,

we are in a Detroit hotel,

waiting for the replacement flight.

It's actually a great story of love shown through a fellow believer and God's miraculous provision.

But now it's 4:00 am, and the kids are AWAKE!!!!! So the story will have to wait while we try to keep them busy until breakfast hours begin.

I'm so glad for a fantastic husband who loves me even when I make colossalish blunders, and doesn't even get a tiny bit mad.


Carrie said...

Oh wow, Jenny!! What a bummer--but it sounds like God has given you all a good attitude and cheerful spirit in spite of the delay in plans!

Every time we have flown (which hasn't been very often) I have been SO nervous that I will forget either my wallet or the tickets! Thankfully I never have (yet!), but we have had plenty of travel "adventures" (delays, changes, etc.) anyway. :) I hope the rest of your trip is uneventful and that you have a super wonderful vacation!!!

Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

awwww.. well Im hoping everything comes up better than planned for the rest of the trip!!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Oh no .... and we weren't even home to be able to get your wallet to you. Love you, mom

p.s. great birthday party for grandma and she LOVED your birthday message and song.

Tim and Richelle said...

so sorry, jenny... and so thankful for God's grace. i can't wait to hear the whole story.

Stephens said...

I am so glad you are here! God is good, all the time. Rom. 8:28 :-)

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Yeah! mom

Karis said...

Wow -- what a husband!

Glad to hear how you're coping with the situation. And I too am thankful for God's provision.

Mary Ann said...

Major props to your husband for not getting even a teensy bit mad. Oh my. So sorry you had to go through all that extra stress. I hope that the rest of your trip has been incredibly relaxing! I can't wait to hear the whole story & how the Lord has worked through the situation.