Friday, April 16

and a teeny little favor?

I would love it if you would go to the Wojo Photography facebook fan page and vote for Evan in the Cutest Baby Contest. If he wins the contest, I will win some free photos from Naomi. And have pity, my children have never been professionally photographed. Today's the last day, so I'd love it if sometime today you could go over and vote. Poor kid only has 2 votes, so could you help?? ***I think you have to become a fan of Wojo Photography to vote, or you can email a "I vote for Evan" message to Naomi



Shelley said...

Evan is cute

TwoMuths said...

Shelley, could you vote for him on that site??

Carrie said...

Jenny, I tried to vote, but for some reason it's not giving me a comment box. I refreshed the page a bunch of times, but still nothing! Sorry, I was really hoping to get you some more votes!

I hope you have a fabulous time in CA and that all your cold/sinus troubles disappear!! :)

TwoMuths said...

I think you have to become a fan before you can vote. I will change that on the post.