Friday, April 16

just because I'm slacking off here...

Yes, the laundry mountain was demolished, and in its place has grown another. Thankfully, I don't seem to have many dirty laundry mountains - mine are more clean, or worse yet, clean and folded. It's that last putting away step that does me in.

I've been crazy this week, and have one more day of craziness before we leave for vacation in California!! We're so excited to get away and to see our dear friends. I'm looking forward to chilling out as much as our active sons will let us!! For some reason they seem to like to play more than sleep.

Please pray for us as we travel, for the boys to do well, and for Aaron to miraculously get over his new-found cough in the next 24-48 hours. I have been trying to coax him back to sleep for the past 45 minutes - he's been sleeping horribly the past few nights, but for some reason the "your body needs to sleep to heal" argument doesn't go over well with a 3 year old. Yesterday, I was hoping it was allergies, but this morning I woke up with a sinus headache, so maybe it's a cold. It's no fun to fly with sinus issues, especially if you're little. And taking a sickness to someone else's house makes me feel horrible - maybe we can camp out in the back, back concrete.

So, just because I'm slacking off in blogging doesn't mean I'm slacking off in real life. Today is one more load of laundry, then get ready for my one evening only of ladies retreat, pack our carryons full of activities and snacks, and clean the house. Tomorrow morning we add our daily items to the suitcases and head out. I'll try to blog at least once in California. Maybe a Works of God Monday, finally? I'll work on it!!


Mary Ann said...

Jenny, have so much fun on your trip! I will pray that the sinus issues are fleeting or at the very least manageable.
It sounds like you have lots to do before you fly away; don't stress yourself out! If I were you I'd be good for nothing b/c I'd be daydreaming about the sunny CA skies! :-)

Reads said...

Enjoy your vacation! If you fly SW ask for the coloring book; Audrey loves to look forward to that. Bring lots of food; that seems to distract my kids for a while! We are usually able to bring sippy cups through security if you tell them it's for the kids.
Vacation with kids takes on a whole new meaning, huh?
We love going to California, enjoy!

ruth said...

I hope you have a fantastic time on your trip! Enjoy it!