Friday, April 2

Happy Birthday Nate!!

Happy Birthday to Nate!

I'm so glad to be your sister.

I can't believe you are still speaking to me.

I did, after all, use trickery and deceit to get you to play with me.

"Let's play kickball - you pitch first." and then I'd quit on you when it was my turn to pitch.

I was so mean.

And would you look at that hair? Crazy. And my cheeks - did I have candy in there or something??

It is no wonder that you didn't say anything

When I wore red culottes and ate ants off the sidewalk.

I deserved being grody.

Oh, and nice shorts.

Do you remember what we were doing here?

It looks creative and exciting (and knowing us...)

Why are church directory pictures Always Awkward?

Maybe it's just our family - this is not the worst of the bunch!!

Oh, dear.

That shirt.

That vest.

And all of us look like we're not quite all there.

I don't mind at all that you earned your Presidential Fitness T-shirt fair and square while I of little coordination and even littler athletic ability and muscular strength failed every year.

You look much better in royal blue.

I try not to mind that you tan so easily.

Happy Birthday, Dear Brother.


Wow, we're old.

Just think, by this time next year there will be another Forbes to help you celebrate.

Wished we lived closer. Oh, the fun we would have.


nate and lissa said...

Thanks for all of that Jenny. It brought back a lot of memories. Love you.


Rachel said...

brothers rock.

Shelley said...

Those were some cute pic's and fun stories.
We sure love Nate he's the best a wonderful son in law we and husband for Lissa.