Thursday, April 8

how's that?

Does it seem to anyone else that the days are flying by? I cannot believe the crazy speed of life around here!! And tomorrow, I'm planning to do something to ADD to the craziness.

I'm going to can beans.

So now, I am setting my house to rights and hopefully will get a huge dishwasher full of glass jars sterilized for prep tonight - soak, soak, soak away! Tomorrow, if you drive by, you might catch a whiff of pinto-navy-black-red bean juice goodness. My plan is - do the canning while the weather is cool enough to open the windows and take the smell out.

And to fill the pantry with canned beans for quick summer meals! Tomorrow, for dinner?? Something with beans, of course!

Do you have any Friday plans?


Shelley said...

I would like to can beans sometime for the connivence of it.
Tomorrow I will clean house and work on the yard of course.

Alicia said...

Hope the canning process goes smoothly! Very ambitious of you! How much do you hope to do?

It's predicted to be stormy and cold here so I'm planning to take the kiddos to a nearby library for some playing and getting-out time. If I don't go into labor that is . . .

Mary Ann said...

Sounds like a busy, productive day! I haven't canned anything since I helped my g-parents when I was a kid. I would like to give it a try, but there's no time. Today I'm working just six hours & then I'm headed out to run errands & get the house spiffy so I can have a Saturday off to visit with my nieces & nephews.
Have a great weekend!