Monday, January 26

Works of God Monday

This past weekend was Snow Camp, and though Michael stayed home this year to take care of me, we were blessed to hear of multiple spiritual decisions made by teens in our youth group. Snow Camp was held at Camp CoBeAc this year and there were 3 other groups besides our church in attendance - over 120 kids! Four teens accepted Christ as Savior, and it is always exciting to hear that.

In less eternal exciting news, sometimes, God chooses to provide through the government!!! We are still waiting on one form before we can complete our taxes and file, but this year's refund looks like it's going to be a good one! What a blessing it was to see the larger-than-expected number come up on the Turb*T*x screen! It seems like during the course of this year we have seen one financial setback after another, and we were just grateful that we could pay our bills and keep going!! It seemed like no matter how hard we tried, no matter how much we economized, we felt like we couldn't get ahead! I praise God for allowing us to economize where we needed to, for surely it was HIS wisdom that prompted us to scrimp - sometimes the exact amount needed for an unexpected bill!

Our income didn't change very much, so I am guessing the difference is due to the fact that we have TWO little tax deductions this year! We are praising the Lord as this refund money is really going to help take care of some things we've been praying specifically about, and allow us to put more money into savings on a monthly basis. (Lord willing)

I'm also praising the Lord for modern medicine and a loving husband who takes care of me when I am ill. My infection of last week has bid adieu for now, so I am beyond grateful for that.

How is God showing Himself at work in you this week?

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Stephens said...

Great to hear of God's working both at snow camp and in your finances. He is so good! Thanks for your sharing so that we can praise Him with you.