Friday, January 9

another hot topic

I was doing a little reading online today, and, frustrated by the extremists on both sides of the child-having debate, decided to focus on one aspect that not too many Christian women know, or even care to know. I am hesitant to share my findings from my research on hormonal birth control pills, but God has really been laying this issue on my heart lately and I feel that I have to share it.

Like I've posted before, this is a sensitive issue, and one that must be approached with humility and grace. I beg you, please do some research on what options are available if God leads you to delay or prevent the growth of your family.

Please do your OWN reading and research. When I was first married, my PA gave me some information that was misleading on this topic. I personally was so concerned about convenience that I really just jumped on the bandwagon without taking the time to research things out for myself. I knew which questions I needed to ask, and when she gave me the answers I wanted to hear, I was satisfied with that alone.

I believe that the next few months of sickness, trying various pills, patches, and potions was the wakeup call I needed to go do some research. Again, God used my desire for convenience (my desire to not be sick) to prompt me to research what this stuff was doing, how it was working, why it was making me sick, and what I could do about it. Turns out that for me, there were a lot of reasons that hormonal contraception was a bad idea. Including my view of when life begins.

Here are some links for you to get started.

How Birth Control Pills Work
A very short condensed version of a book in reference to how BC pills work
Is there a link between the Pill and Breast Cancer?

You are welcome to leave comments, but please remember that my only goal is to have you do this research for yourself, and prayerfully consider what God would have you to do. I do not intend to begin a debate. I ask again on this one post that if you would like to comment, please make sure you season your words with grace, and consider keeping your comment anonymous for this one post.


Kelly Glupker said...

"Taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni Weschler opened my eyes up to the dangers of birth control. It's a great book to read. Of course, I realize that God is in charge, not me.

TwoMuths said...

That is a great book. Her website is linked on the left hand sidebar if anyone is interested.

Tammy S. said...

Great encouragement...went off the pill 12 years ago and felt 100% better! There are other MUCH better methods...
My only "oops" pregnancy (not an oops, of course, just somewhat of an unexpected pregnancy which became an overwhelming blessing-Praise God He is in control!) occurred when I was ON the pill. So...for all it's side effects, it's still not "fool proof".
(I was being nosy and found your blog link on Rachel Feehan's blog. Hope you don't mind! :)

Anonymous said...

Personally, (not saying for everyone) my hormones really went out of whack while on the pill. I've had a great deal of frustrations and problems as a result. I'm still trying to figure a lot of it all out but I was introduced to natural hormones by a Christian nurse who hosted an Arbonne party. She has written a book entitled, "Hormone Balance: a Matter of Life and Health." by Kristine Klitzke. Arbonne has a natural cream of progesterone that is used to try to help women regain a balanced hormone level. Just some thoughts if people were looking for a possible alternative. I have some friends who have gone to a dr. that specifically does a saliva test for hormones - it has been shown to give a more accurate reading than a blood test for levels. This dr. also prescribes plant or natural based hormones to correct the levels.

life in lewisburg said...

I tried birth control for 3 months and I was so sick that I quick taking them. As a young woman of 21 I had my first daughter Carmen and18 months later I had Lissa.They were the best blessings that caused me to mature and grow in faith. I wouldn't change that for the world they are a greatest blessing to Eric and I.God's ways are not our ways. When we try to control too much we miss out on eternal blessings. After Lissa's birth I had a tubal ligation surgery because we were a low income family no insurance and Eric was overwhelmed with the responsibility of providing for his family. I wouldn't have mind having more children but I didn't want to cause any more stress on Eric than he was experiancing already. I felt bad about my decision emotionally because I was only 23 when I made this choice. It does concern me that young women are putting all these chemicals in their bodies and that they are waiting till they are older to have children. I'm thankful I was young when I had my children and that God gave me the grace to raise them and he built my faith to trust him for his provision.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Jenny,
I think you know that bcp's also made me sicker than a dog. I have files of medical papers from that span of time. They actually did a a CAT scan to check for a brain tumor because I was having such vertigo and other issues. Seriously, I remember trying to make a cake mix and being utterly befuddled at reading the directions. I couldn't think.
My (older gentlemen)doctor would not hear that bc might be the cause. I never saw him again and went off the junk on my own. It took several months but I remember being amazed at how clearly I could think again. And when I went to my Christian, pro-life ob-gyn with my first pregnancy, he couldn't believe how it was handled. He said that some women just cannot tolerate the artificial hormones and it builds in their system like a toxin.
I know that I am planning on training any daughter's we have in the ways of FAM and to appropriately make any sons aware of it. Of course, we cannot control what decisions they would make from there.
Cindy B.

Sara Rivera said...

I personally never had any problems while on birth control. My periods were a lot easier on me and I felt better over all during the rest of the month too.

Anonymous said...

I also have not had any problems on the pill. I was on it for several years before deciding to come off it to have a baby. Had a baby right away . I have not had any problems. Plus there are some pills that simply prevent you from ovulating so that the issue of when life begins is not really a problem. I do agree though, this is a very personal decision for each family to make with much prayer and consideration.

TwoMuths said...

for Anonymous @9:41: The idea that some pills only stop ovulation was one that was told me by the doctor. Further research proved otherwise, research that was "by accident." This is why I urge everyone to do their own research in prayerful consideration.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jenny, for your thoughtful and gracious appproach to such a sensitive subject.

I admit, both I and my husband were very skeptical the first time I heard anything negative about the Pill--I just assumed it was the voice of extremists who don't believe in any kind of contraception.

In fact, it was a phone conversation with you that first got me really thinking about the subject and asking myself some difficult questions. I spent several years on the pill fooling myself that the severe migraines and other health issues that I had were completely unrelated to the pill and that it was actually helping me. Now, I really regret that determined ignorance in myself.

I really appreciate the resources you've linked here as well as your encouragement to us all to do our own reading and research.

BTW, I finally got myself a copy of _Taking Charge of Your Fertility_ Excellent resources.

Jen said...

I was so excited that people are starting to talk about an alternative. I turned on Oprah today and it was all about hormone imbalance and replacement. She brought up and supported bioidentical hormones. She talked about various tests to check levels. It was very encouraging to finally get the option out there to the general public for an alternative. Hopefully the medical community starts listening.