Tuesday, January 20


Happy Inauguration Day, everyone! I've seen and heard many thoughts online and off regarding the new president. Regardless of your political views, this is a day that will be written in our American History books for years to come, and it's really, really awesome that we get to see it.

I kinda missed out on the first man on the moon moment of history, but I sure remember the day that the Challenger went down. I was 7, but it's really a moment I remember. And I remember when the Gulf War began. I think today is another one of historic proportions.

And, if you need the reminder, take a deep breath. God is in control, and HE knows best!


jeileenbaylor said...

i agree a day to remember!

life in lewisburg said...

Yes a day to remember and I was but a child when the man landed on moon, Kennedy was killed. I remember the emotions of how people responded. When the Challenger went down I was older and It hit me hard. 9/11 hit me even harder yet.
As we move through history and more things become a moment in history the longer I live the more I realize that God is in control despite the outcome. He sees the bigger picture and he moves my heart.

Carrie said...

Jenny, I appreciate your perspective. :) I admit, I was feeling kinda gloomy today till I read your post and remembered that I need to keep my eyes on God. But I'll also admit that I kept the radio turned off today (we don't have TV) so I missed the whole inauguration. I just didn't feel up to listening to the liberal media reporting the event. :)

And I too remember the Challenger going down--interestingly, our small ACE school was on a field trip that day, to a newspaper office of all things. Everyone kept talking about this big tragedy that had just happened, and we were in the dark (because we were on the way there when it actually happened, so we hadn't heard about it yet). Our teacher finally had to ask what they were talking about and that's when we found out!

ruth said...

We tuned in to see the inauguration at work yesterday, and I was really glad. It certainly is a remarkable point in our history, and I'm happy I got to witness it. I was also very content with how the event was covered--at least the live coverage. We could watch the event exactly as it occured without having to listen to anyone's commentary beyond simple explanation of what was happening. I appreciated that.

Anonymous said...
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