Wednesday, January 28

flushing is its own reward

My little boy, my little 2 1/2 year old, is potty training himself. I'm thrilled. And all he asks is for me to sing a made up potty song and of course, he wants to flush. I think that is a fair enough request. The best part is that I don't have to battle with the my own strange ethical dilemma of rewarding with M&M's (not to mention, I don't have to introduce candy yet)

Yes, I realize most children have had pop and candy and all manners of sugary sweets by now. I realize most of you think I am a psychomom, but whatever. They are my kids. And that means they aren't going to eat junk yet. So there. (tee hee)

We've kind of had a laid back approach to the toilet training, with potty sitting sessions off and on since Aaron was about eleven months old. He has never really cared either way, until recently. And now, this week, today, he's pooping, and peeing, and asking to go on the potty. I'm thrilled. Even though each toilet session includes multiple flushes, and extra gallons of water are being flushed. It is worth it, for there were no dirty diapers today. Well, no two year old dirties, anyway.


suzanne said...

I think you're brilliant for not introducing the sweets and pop yet. We held off with Gavin for a long time. I think he finally had pop at around three years old and I have to say it was peer pressure on my part (all the other kids were allowed to have it!). Keep holding off as long as possible - it's totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

Go, Aaron! We did give rewards with Levi--I think marshmallows (cheap and fluffy),raisans, or stickers. And modeled "potty" with a bear. Of course, I probably could've gotten away with grapes or watermelon chunks in hindsight. My boy loves his food!
We go to a hometown parade (tractors, horses, marching band, church floats) by my parents every year and Levi picks up a massive bag of candy which he gets a few pieces of and we end up pitching the rest. Boy, does he have an intense face when he's going after it!
I would say we've kept the sugar intake pretty low. The snag in the plan would be that Daddy has HUGE sweet tooth and can eat whatever he wants. Men! :^)
Cindy B.

Rosemary and Dale said...

GOOD JOB, AARON!!! Love and attention is the best reward, isn't it? But what is it with you boys and water??? My grandson Alex can NOT , NEVER has, and probably never will walk past a water puddle without stepping in it.

Tim and Richelle said...

Yeah Aaron! :-)

life in lewisburg said...

I didn't give sugary treats as rewards. I gave privileges. If you do this you get to do this. Example go to the library, play in the sandbox, read a book.
I didn't want rotten teeth and food to be a reward.

I tried to teach my eldest to go potty with a book learn in a day but that was a joke and didn't work.
It wasn't until Lissa decided on her own that she wanted to do it that my eldest decided to do it. Lissa didn't like to be wet or dirty and my eldest didn't want to be left behind. They are 18 months apart.
Lissa and Nate will be there today. yea!

Karis said...

Glad to hear of the potty training successes! Woo-hoo.

Rachel said...

I'm with you on the soda - I hope Michael and Marcus never develop a taste for it. We did use M&M's as part of our potty training journey. I hope that doesn't make me a bad mom - JK.

I'm so happy that Aaron is doing so well! It's so exciting, isn't it? Keep up the good work and enjoy this blessing - yes, it is a blessing!

How are you feeling these days? Are you back to 100%? I've been praying for you.

The Barkers said...

I'm so jealous, you have no idea.

Go Aaron! I'm proud of you.

Matt & Nicki said...

Wow--I've never had the luxury of my child potty training him/her self, so I'm a tad jealous, but that's awesome. .. take it from someone who has battled the potty train:) Oh, and we JUST let sara and Silas have there first taste of pop this year--they are 4 and 5 and it was Root Beer, so no caffeine. Could I have kept them from Candy as well, I would have--they are addicted:( So I don't think you are psychomom at all!!

Janelle said...

I'm not sure you completely understand just how much of a blessing this truly is! Lord willing, you never will! ;) Wish my Aaron could have taken lessons from YOUR Aaron! Took him what seemed like FOREVER to be potty trained and still has problems every now and again to this day! I'd flush the toilet FIVE times every time if it would have gotten my Aaron to be potty trained earlier! Praise the Lord for your go-getter!

Doesn't love a wall said...

I agree - Madda doesn't get sweets either. She calls her Flinstone vitamins "candy" and I am happy to let her remain ignorant. She gets the occasional sip of shake or taste of ice cream because I believe by not letting her have ANY I'm only making it more enticing later.... but she doesn't get Goldfish or chips or anything like that.... we are Kashi kashi kashi in this family!!!!

I may use Smarties or something with PT but I'm not sure.... if so they will come and go as she masters it