Friday, January 9

clearance makes me happy, good service is even better

I found Crat* & Barr*l's winter clearance sale via a postcard in the mail. I was able to score a square baker and a set of Parker nested mixing bowls (in last season's fall tones, but I like them better anyway) and both items shipped to my door for under $30. Now that makes me happy. Especially since I'd considered buying a set of 3 bowls at Men*rds' Black Friday sale for the same price as these FIVE great bowls! I'd been hoping for a deal on a square dish for casseroles (a 9x13 is too big for our little family!) and got this one for $6ish.

What else makes me happy is the grrrrrrreat customer service. A thank you email, a card in the box thanking me for my purchase and urging me to call with questions or problems. Reciepts, notification of shipping - I didn't have time to wonder what was going on.

And that is the way it should be! Valuing customers is key to repeat business. Which companies are your favorites for deals and/or service?

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life in lewisburg said...

Eric and I celebrated our 30th anniversary in Portland as a gift he gave me cash to spend on after Christmas and New years sales. I was able to buy a whole new wardrobe including underware. I found that paying in cash was a rarity and the clerks were friendly. The best deals were at JC Penny's, the Gap,Ross dress for less, and Nornstrom rack.