Monday, January 12

Works of God Monday

God is at work - all the time! He has given us many opportunities this week to serve, and has held us up when we are weak. But this week, I'm taking a break from reporting God's work in our family to let you read about His working elsewhere. God has allowed us to watch some friends begin trial after trial with bravery, peace, and quiet acceptance of God's Will. This family's testimony is a shining light in our church and our community. Read the linked article and see how God has been at work, and how this family is continuing to trust His will.

Then, post about how He has been at work in your family!

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Mary Ann said...

Thanks for sharing that article. I used to work for a Christian man who had MD. He was a member of our church & had his own insurance brokerage. He was not supposed to live to see his 18th birthday, but the Lord strengthened & blessed his life. He lived to be 60 years old & I was very blessed to be his hands for him at the office. I'm sure the Lord can use this little boy in a great way - no matter how fast or slow his MD progresses.