Tuesday, January 20

check this out

I cannot believe the ridiculousness of this case. While the alarmist tone of the article doesn't jive with my view of things, I am still struck by the idiocy of the judge.


life in lewisburg said...

This is sad the Father is trying to protect his daughter who is under age and will continue to find herself getting deeper and deeper trouble.
It's sad that the government is making poor judgement in this case on what is best for this young adult.
I'm afraid that this girl will continue to go down a road that isn't good and her parents will be heart broken.
The government will go to pot and there will be no order.

Rachel and Jacob said...

yes, this case does appear to be ridiculous.

I also think that there is a ridiculous amount of abuse going on and the courts see that abuse all the time. It is hard for them to make a clear cut call...

I think birth parents are the best option, but that they also take advantage of their "rights".

...oh I could go on and on.... we all choose our own bandwagons... good thing.... cause there needs to be a hundred bandwagons to choose from.