Monday, July 21

Ten Days

In a mere ten days, our little Aaron will be two years old.

We were hoping to do so many things before he turned two - the big one being take another plane trip so that he could fly for free! But I doubt they'd let me fly now, six weeks from my due date. Although, maybe the change in pressure would do me some good. Why do I feel like I'm letting the deal of a lifetime slip through my fingers?

Today's topic is birthday parties - what do do when your tot turns two. (isn't that clever?) Weigh in now with your thoughts & opinions. Are birthday celebrations a "must have" in your family? Did you celebrate every year with a special cake and lots of themed festive decor? How do you work presents in your family? I'll write more about our plans later. For now, I've got to post for WOGM.


The Barkers said...

haha, I had the same thought about flying! Jonas only flew once before he turned two! :-)
His first two birthday parties were very simple with only family attending. I figured he is going to have so many parties in his life with little friends the first couple can be simple and cheap. This year we actually celebrated Jonas nad Joe's together. We did all of this while Andrea was here. :-) I have made his first two birthday cakes.

Amanda said...

I really dislike birthday partys for kids. Unless its more focused on just having a good time. Its the presents that really pushes me over. I like toys but not enough to sit and watch them open one after another. Maybe if it was a relative but the worst is going to someones house who you really don't know that well. I found the best gift to give to kids partys is play dough! Its like 1.87 for three cans!!

We have a big to do for our kids and me and my husband but other than that we don't do grandma, grandpa.... They will get a happy b-day wish on the phone though. Must have cake and ice cream and your favorite b-day meal. The theme was on the cake.

I am into making them feel special on that day. Like getting out their scrap bool and telling them about when they were in my belly and what we thought we might name them and who was there and how many times dad called his sister to get him mcdonalds while mom was in labor.... :) Caseys family always comes I think I will have them tell about that day each from their memory. Sorry I have gone on and on!! Is there such a thing as to much commenting?

Curt and Sarah said...

I think it's fun to buy those dollar store birthday plates (one dollar takes care of about three years of birthdays) and a pack of balloons. Maybe a roll of streamers from the same store. So far, that's been more than Megan was expecting each year.
Ice cream and a heart-shaped birthday brownie (it's a cake, sortof) with candles and singing. She also got to pick the meal for birthday number It's been fairly low key with just the family from the area (or grandparents who were visiting anyway) stopping by to join us for dessert.

Did I mention balloons?