Tuesday, July 22

fabulous giveaway!

Make sure you sign up for a fantastic giveaway - 12 free BumGenius one size diapers!


Tracy said...

Jenny, Thanks for letting me know about the contest.

Autum said...


If you follow the link from this blog post http://mipennsn.wordpress.com/2008/07/19/babywearing-contest/ there is a link to another contest for BumGenius diapers. I can't use them with my well water, so I didn't sign up for the contest, though I would love to win the babywearing contest.

Karis said...

I never thought I would consider cloth diapers but with the cost of disposable diapers in Cameroon, I had thought about looking into it. I figured I may as well sign up. I linked your post to my blog.