Friday, July 11

good ol' Ron

I knew I liked Ronald Reagan. And today, I learn that there is yet another reason to love him. As if this pregnant ice cream addict really needs another excuse.

But, I will take it. *grinning madly* Here's to a delightfully creamy frozen July. And, I raise my cone to Ronald.

What's your favorite flavor?? Do you stick with one, or change it up?


Rosemary and Dale said...

Thank you Ronald Reagan! It's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for me!!! (Yeah, life here is short!) Although the dish of vanilla that we had last night after supper topped with the fresh early blueberries that we just picked yesterday morning at Russell's Blueberry Farm was YUUUUMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I recently tried pomegrante, blueberry sorbet. Your parents treated me to in Newburg. Hope they arrived home safely.

ruth said...

I'm a chocolate girl all the way. I don't mind mix-ins, especially nutty ones either.

I also wouldn't turn donw a scoop of coffee ice cream! In fact, I wouldn't turn down coffee in just about any form. :)

Kara said...

I would have to say chocolate or mint chip. At Christmas time we had some peppermint stick ice cream and with some hot fudge on it it was awesome.

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Black Walnut from Moore's Ice Cream in Marlette, MI. I had some in Oregon, but it did not have enough nuts.

jeileenbaylor said...

mmm - you are making me hungry!

I like mint chocolate chip, sometimes coconut chip (if I am at the Penn State Creamery:)

Anonymous said...

"Tiramisu" from the House of Flavors in Ludington, Michigan. Horribly, blissfully luscious. Their ice-cream counter is glorious to behold.
Wish for: moose-tracks, tin-roof sundae. Can't have the nuts and peanuts in the house due to allergies. Not to mention Mama's girlish figure.
Reality: Edy's double-churned vanilla with strawberries from the freezer. Yum! Homemade shakes, too.
Now I am hungry!
Cindy B.