Sunday, July 20


Last week, Wednesday, I got a call from a friend whose child is in the same nursery as Aaron. She wanted to let me know that her little one had come down with hand, foot & mouth disease.

Aaron woke up from his nap that day with a fever of 101.2, which is pretty rare for him. We spent the rest of the day snuggled up on the couch drinking watery juice and watching Franklin Turtle videos.

Thursday, Aaron was lethargic and sleepy. Friday, Michael was home, and Aaron went on nap strike. Saturday, same story. He is one crabby, cranky little boy. With a few spots that we're not quite sure about. And a gigantic bruise and goose egg on his left eyebrow from a close encounter with the edge of the entertainment center. He also might be teething and getting that second year set of molars. We are just not certain.

So we are home from church today, praying for Michael as he teaches Sunday School and our church family as we adjust to Sunday life without the Stephens'. We're also praying for their first Sunday in California to be a big ol blessing to everyone at Heritage Bible Church.

So, do your kids tend to sleep more or less when they are sick? Does it depend on the ailment? What comforts YOUR cranky kiddo?


Katie said...

My boys don't really indulge in a lot of extra sleep when their sick - I wish! Last winter, for most of his colds, Luke had NO dip in his energy! He was still bouncing off the walls, but it stunk, because we couldn't go anywhere or do our normal activities so we didn't "share the love." He did have a HIGH fever that lasted for 5 days that made him slow down a lot. :)

Luke would love to watch Franklin videos! We used to get a ton of the books from the library - I think we've read them all now. Our library only has one movie I think. Does Aaron like Kipper? That's a cute one too. :)

to help comfort (besides Mommy, Luke's "other blanket" (that's what he calls his blankey) and lots of TLC)I am always liberal with Tylenol or Motrin when my boys are sick. I don't mean I give them a bigger dose, but I keep them on it somewhat regularly when their sick even if they don't have a fever - they might just be achey and generally not feel well.

Kara said...

Mine usually sleep more. They like to lay on the couch with their favorite blankie and a pillow and watch Curious George or videos we borrow from church- usually 3,2,1 Penguins? I think that's what they are called. Hope he's feeling better soon!

Tracy said...

Andy doesn't really act sick when he's sick (other than being cranky). When Kara and Lydia are sick, I usually lay a crib mattress on the floor of their room, put some easy to wash blankets over it and a towel over their pillow. They get a bowl of dry cereal, a cup of water, and get to listen to Patch the Pirate while they rest on their mattress. They are pretty much confined to their rooms (because everywhere else in the house is carpeted floors). Usually after they rest for a couple of hours I will take the portable DVD player up to their room and let them watch a movie.

Amanda said...

The made me series. It like baby eistine. That work. One of my kids had a misterious sleepy feever thing for 3 days and now its gone?