Wednesday, July 16

sorry, nurse...

So I really DID NOT pray a sick day upon her head, but she was out yesterday, with a broken arm. Oops.

The appointment with my OB went very well, the doc agreed to a heplock instead of an IV during labor (HURRAY!) and also mentioned that he knew we were still praying about a lot of things and he would be happy to discuss anything we felt uncomfortable with or just needed to discuss with him. What a blessing to have a believer as a doctor!! I walked out of the office feeling like I knew him a little better. So that is good.

I've finally regained to my pre-pregnancy weight. I was actually kind of hoping that wouldn't happen, but hey, I can't complain. It is what it is, and it could have been worse.

My blood pressure is looking great (98/70) and I got a fabuloso checksheet from the hospital - a VBAC consent form! I was expecting it to feel like (yet another) upstream swim with me fighting for what I wanted, but instead it was basically a gigantic list of encouragement to go for a VBAC, then at the end you sign on the line whether you want a repeat C-section or a VBAC.

Next Monday, another prenatal with my midwife and home birth classes begin. PLEASE keep praying for us - big decisions ahead! I was just saying yesterday that I'm kind of curious to see what our birth will be like and I'm totally not sure where it will be, but I'm ok with that at this point. Another huge step. I'm just concentrating on enjoying this last few weeks of pregnancy and "Aaron Only" time.


Karen said...

Great news on all fronts! Kudos to you for even considering a home birth. You're much braver than I.

Yes, enjoy your Aaron-only time whilst it lasts!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Poor nurse. So glad your visit went well and what great blood pressure, even with a tired day :)
Loved spending time with Aaron.
Hugs for a wonderful Wednesday!

Tracy said...

Wow, it sounds like you have a fantastic doctor. I'm so glad that things are falling into place for you to have the kind of birth experience you want. Enjoy your last few weeks with Aaron before baby.

Mama Mia said...

Praise God your appointment went well & your blood pressure is great. What an awesome doctor too!

ruth said...

Jenny, I really was kidding in my last comment that if you wouldn't pray a sick day on her I would! Whoops! Yet again a reminder that I should be careful what I say. :) Just to be clear, I didn't pray a sick day OR a broken arm on the nurse.

I'm glad your appointment went so well. I didn't realize you were considering a home birth.

TwoMuths said...

Considering is all it really is right now. I'm answering this in the comment section b/c I don't want to do a whole post right now or really until after the fact. :-)

I have had so many people tell me I'd better not do a VBAC let alone a home VBAC because I could bleed to death or a variety of other scary things that I think they should keep to themselves, but whatever. I have been doing a lot of research. A LOT. I could bleed to death on the OR table, too. C-sections are serious business! Actually a repeat C-section vs a VBAC carry extremely similar risks of complications (within tenths of a percentage) and frankly, I trust that God made my uterus to work properly more than I trust doctors. LOL.

Either way we go, prayer is definitely necessary, and we are confident that as we continue to explore our options, God WILL show us what to do.

I'd love a home birth - if not now, then in the future. At the same time, I don't want to stay home if something looks unusual or the baby or I would be at risk.

Part of the reason we are considering it is that the medical community, especially in our area, is very hesitant to give care to anyone who has had a prior C-section, and tend to be extremely cautious to cover their own liability to the point that the C-section rate is absolutely ridiculous. We really feel like this is our "last chance" to be successful in VBAC-ing, which we want to do in order to preserve my health and the health of future children.

Not too many people are aware of how risky it is to have 3+ C-section deliveries versus vaginal deliveries, and at this point we feel that God wants us to be open to 3+ pregnancies.

Another reason we are considering it is that we live 6 minutes (driving the speed limit) from the hospital where Aaron was delivered, so if there was a problem, I could easily transport.

The hospital where my OB delivers is a good 45 minute drive, depending on the time of day. His office does have the best VBAC rate anywhere around, though.

So that is our story...for now. :-)

The Barkers said...

Yea! I'm so glad you had an encouraging appointment after a discouraging/sad week. :-) I can't wait to hear your decision about a home birth.
Its really hitting me this week to savour my moments with Jonas. So much is going on in his little life right now and it will be interesting to see what a new baby sister will do to him!
Do you have Dobson's book Bringing up Boys? For Christmas we were given the DVD series on that book. Its Dobson lecturing at Focus on the Family campus. We are enjoying it SO much. You must read the book. :-)

Rachel said...

I can't help but stifle a snicker:). You were hoping to get a good blood pressure number and your prayer was answered.

I have been praying for you as you hope to have a VBAC. God knows the outcome already and He will continue to lead you.

I remember crying 2 nights before I had Marcus because it wouldn't be Michael and mommy all day anymore. It's not that I was sad that Marcus was on his way, I just knew that things were going to change. Obviously, they changed for the better:). I'm still finding time to be one on one with both of my boys. It requires more effort but I feel like it's important and worth the effort.

Tim & Richelle said...

Yeah for a good appt, and praying for wisdom for you.

Amanda said...

I am learning so much. I wish I knew ANYBODY that was pregnant when I was! What a great network! I'll be praying for all the decisous that are to come.

Kara said...

I can't tell you how happy I am for you that you ended up with that doctor! I'll be praying for you, too!!!

Alicia said...

Glad you didn't have to deal with that mean old nurse! Holy cats, you've certainly got some big decisions coming up! I'll be praying too! I'm confused - you aren't really your pre-pregnancy weight right now, are you?!? that seems unreal.

TwoMuths said...

Al, I am now my pre-pregnancy weight, which was very close to what I weighed shortly after Aaron's birth. I lost NO weight while breastfeeding, despite my most valiant efforts of diet and exercise. Aaron weaned himself about 3 months into the pregnancy and then I got the stomach flu for 3 weeks...and I was back to my pre-Aaron weight. And now I'm back to what I was before the weaning and the puking! ;-) It's confusing, really it is.

KColas said...

Jenny, I'm praying for you as your pregnancy races toward the exciting ending/beginning. I know the Lord will give you His perfect wisdom. "Be anxious for NOTHING, but in EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God; and the peace of God will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." What better promise could He have possibly given us??


Curt and Sarah said...

Most of my home birth comments are not terribly relevant because we didn't have to address the VBAC issue at all. But, I can at least be part of your cheering section, either way.
I was really anxious about the whole idea when it was first presented, but the entire experience turned out much, Much better than I thought possible. I'm sure it's not the best option for everyone, but it's not inherently kooky, either. :) (Our midwife mentioned that she's assisted in several home VBACs without incident. So, now you have fifth-hand hearsay that it's at least possible. :)
I'm praying for you and Michael to know what is right for your family for this time. Congrats, again!