Monday, April 7

weekend antics

Michael had Friday off, and so of course I was rooting for the "do nothing" kind of weekend where we could catch up on sleep and laziness and just being a family. But I got something far more interesting.

We decided to finally lay the carpet in our bedroom and in the office. We had the carpet, we reasoned, and more than enough time to clear the furniture (with dad's help) and get everything installed by the end of the weekend. Of course, we hit a few roadblocks, and might I just say here for the benefit of anyone living in a home with a concrete slab foundation and radiant, pipes-in-the-floor heat, that concrete gets harder the longer it bakes and it will be impossible to use nails to secure the tack strips. Especially if your house happens to have been built in, say, 1958.

So the project isn't finished quite yet, and this is what my living room looks like. This is everything but the mattress from our bedroom and the contents of the entire office. I'm amazed.

Thankfully, our bedroom looks like this right now, as we wait to stretch the carpet until the tack strip adhesive dries. This is gonna come in handy when entertaining a toddler.

And this is where we are sleeping - the office. This room was carpeted first, hence the bed and computer set up. Let me tell you, I could get used to this minimal furniture situation. I love it.

But then, of course, there would be no room to store anything.

We also painted a dresser that we've been meaning to paint, started the second coat on the nursery dot border, and made a paper model of both recarpeted rooms and all our furniture to scale so that we could play with what to do with all our furniture items. We are toying with the option of moving Aaron's room to the office now, to get one transition out of the way before the new sibling is added to the family, and to finally be able to get his toys out of the living room.

During the gruntwork of carpet laying, Aaron and I took a walk to the park with grandma, and stopped at a yard sale on the way. Mom cleaned up! We found a set of really cute stencils for her classroom, a clip on the table booster seat, a few clothing items, and a Riccar sewing machine, which mom bought for me at a steal of a deal. I'm pretty excited, as my old machine has tension issues, and frankly, was not built to last.

Which caused me tension. But no longer, thanks to mom and the great yard sale deals.

Maybe by next weekend our house will be normal, we'll be rid of a few tons of excess stuff, and I can post pictures of the final project. All in all, I feel much better at the close of this busy and productive weekend than I would have if we had planned a lazy weekend. There is really too much for us to do to let the weekends slip away. At least at this point. Maybe I'll wait until I'm hugely pregnant, and re-assess.


Rosemary and Dale said...

Great picture of your mom with Aaron!!! It was very nice of her to get you that MUCH NEEDED sewing machine. Thank God for Grandmas!...AND Grandpas!!! who help out with carpeting projects etc. You are truly blessed! Good luck with the rest of your big project(s)! Love, Aunt Rosemary

Alicia said...

The hugest reason I'm excited about spring/summer is yard sales! I love 'em! How awesome that you found such a great sewing machine! Have you tried it out yet?

Tim & Richelle said...

Love the pic of grandma and grandboy! Cute.

Hugely pregnant? hmmmm... I'll have to think about that one. I always either was or wasn't. Now, sometimes I was huge and pregnant, other times I was less huge and pregnant, but... I'm rambling.

I wish I could go yard sale-ing! Sounds like fun!

Life in Lewisburg said...

It's great to see the changes in your home, you've done so much.
What a cute little family. Aaron is so growing up and you can see he has a very proud grandmother to care for him.
How nice.
Love, Shelley