Tuesday, April 15


Aaron is playing in the hallway with a ball and the extension wand to the vacuum. He keeps saying "set....go!" "set...GO" and hitting the ball with the wand. I am dying of laughter. Why buy toys again?


Rosemary and Dale said...

Now I am dying of laughter! Thanks for the chuckle :) What an amazing boy! Aunt Rosemary

Rachel said...

You're right! Toys are overrated! I love having a boy and can't wait to have our second little bundle of energy:).

Alicia said...

He sounds pretty coordinated for a toddler! Maybe that's just the boy in him.

I agree about the toy thing. Chloe would much rather do imaginative play than play with things the "right" way. Yesterday I spent lots of time setting up an activity for her (involved lentils, bowls, trucks, and a big picnic blanket) and she spent all of 10 minutes playing with it. She was off pretending to be a doggie for a long while after the lentil letdown. :)