Thursday, April 24

Crafty Wafty

OK, I admit it. Sometimes, I link things here just so that I'll be able to find them later, when they are more appropriate for the ages of my kiddo(s). Maybe it will, in the process, be helpful to some of you all.

I'm not really that into crafts. I don't sit around and scrapbook, or paint wooden shapes to sell at craft shows. But this is pretty cool, and looks like a great project for kids. I know that someday I'll probably have a houseful of little crafters. So check this out - make your own stamps. I can only imagine the possibilities here with all those pre cut craft foam shapes. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous rainy day activity or even a semi educational experience. (using letters, animal shapes, etc)


Rosemary and Dale said...

Thanks for the link. I will come in very handy for the grandkids' summer visits and the inevitable "I'm bored..there's nothing to do..." :)
Aunt Rosemary

Alicia said...

I saw that post on goodyblog too. What a great idea - especially with such readily available supplies like plastic lids and sponges. So many ideas and so little time!