Wednesday, April 23

thanks giving (spring version)

I am thankful that I can still sleep somewhat face down. I know it won't last long, as I am well into my second trimester, but I love being a tummy sleeper, and I am thankful it is still possible. Especially since congestion has found me, once again.

I am thankful for tissues, with lotion.

I am thankful for a happy napper and and independent playtime expert.

I am thankful for sunshine, and for my daffodils that finally bloomed.

I am thankful for this brief period of picnics with no bugs. Specifically, no mosquitoes.

I am thankful for a hard working husband who came home and did the majority of the work stuffing yard refuse bags until 9pm, after a full day's work. And then he studied for the Wed. night youth group lesson. He's amazing.

I am thankful that chicken soup fixin's are in our house and thankful for this "easy stage" of having two children.

Thank you, Lord, for your all sufficient grace.


Kara said...

Yes, great list.
How in the world can you sleep on your stomach? You amaze me.

Rachel said...

What a super list! I was able to sleep on my tummy for a while but I can't remember when I finally had to give it up.

When we stop and think about it, we have so very much for which to thank our God for:).

Rosemary and Dale said...

I love your 'Count Your Blessings' list! Happy 'Thanksgiving'!!!

Alicia said...

Thanks for the good reminders. And yes, you are in the "easy" stage of having 2 children. :) I heart daffodils but my hubby thinks they look like scrambled eggs. We have a healthy crop of tulips this year though! Get better soon, you!