Wednesday, April 16

OB Update

Success on one front: no one asked me for any blood or made me submit to any invasive procedures. Hallelujah!

Joy on another: We had a wonderful ultrasound! All the main parts are there and in beautiful working order, and we are still unaware of our baby's gender, much to our satisfaction and delight. Praise the Lord for his mercies!!

Delay on another: the hospital records weren't sent over, so Dr. L. won't be able to give me any substantial yes or no answers on The Issues That Matter Most to Us. May 12 is the next opportunity we have to talk to him. We've decided to do some co-care prenatals with the midwife from church, just to keep our options open and so she will have a general idea of how the pregnancy is going in the event that Something Major would change as far as our plans go.

And finally, I miss my family doc. I know a lot of ladies have done OB care but our visit in its entirety, including the ultrasound, took less time than the drive to Saginaw and back. My family doc took probably a half hour every appointment, asking me how things were going and taking his time. *sigh* I guess it's not so much the process, but the end result.

I did feel much more relaxed at this appointment, especially after seeing our precious child wiggling and moving and just generally having a grand time. Thanks so much for your prayers for us!!


Rachel said...

I've been praying for you! I'm so glad that your appt. and ultrasound went so well. I know that there are people who just aren't as excited about their second, third, fourth etc. child's ultrasound but that was untrue for us. We were more excited and a tad bit more anxious. When you have one child who is "all there", it's hard not to be a pessimist and wonder if there will be something wrong with child #2. Having had a previous 2D ultrasound, my hubby and I were able to decipher body parts much more easily this time around. Fun, Fun!

I am sorry that you miss your family doctor. I had a family doctor in VT and loved him. He was Michael's pediatrician and he was so awesome. I love my OB/GYN doctor now but I don't know my pediatrician all that well. I know that there are certain things that I will stick to my guns about and she seemed like the type that would be supportive. It's so hard when you move to a new place to find medical professionals that you trust but God is faithful and provides:).

Alicia said...

Glad everything went smoothly! Hopefully you'll get more care and attention from the local midwife. I had an OB with Chloe who was super nice but always kept her appts to exactly 15 minutes. I would ask her questions as she pushed us out the door!

I didn't realize you are being surprised on the gender for baby #2! How very fun and exciting!

Kara said...

So glad it went well! I love seeing the baby, and it will NEVER lose any excitement with me, no matter how many kids come along!

Tracy said...

I'm so glad that your appointment went well. I found it funny how you miss your family doctor. I was just thinking about how I miss my OB because I don't like the family doctor who's handling my preg. Funny how we get accustomed to certain doctor's and don't like to change.

Carrie said...

So glad your appt. went well! Bummer that you couldn't get as many questions answered as you hoped, but hopefully next time. Keeping your options open with the midwife sounds like a good thing, too . . . God will give you the wisdom that you need for all the upcoming decisions!

My midwife is much like your family doc was . . . every appt. is more like a visit with a friend rather than feeling rushed. :) So much different than the midwives I had with Sam--though they were great, after the initial appt. every one was very hurried (and like you, we had a long drive to the hospital and back). I think that is one of the hardest things about working with drs. or midwives in a busy practice because they only have so much time to allow for each patient. I'm sorry you miss your family doc, but hopefully everything will work out well with the OB, and what a blessing that he is a Christian too!!