Monday, March 31

rainy Monday

It's Monday, it's raining (not snowing, HURRAY!) and grey outside, I have a headache and a toddler who is refusing to sleep. (those are two different problems, even though they may sound the same) Did April Fool's come a day early this year?!? *wink*

My "best" April Fool's prank was on my dad, and happened when I was in elementary school. I got some electrical tape and taped the faucet sprayer so that it would spray when you turned on the water. He went to rinse his cereal bowl out and got water all over his school shirt. I was laughing hysterically, and though I am sure he laughed to humor me, I probably wouldn't have been as gracious in the morning. I'm glad I had a "morning person" for a dad. Unfortunately, I did not inherit that tendency, although I certainly do understand the value of getting things done in the morning. (thanks, dad)

So...anybody have any great April Fool's pranks to share? Hopefully you've pulled better ones than I have!


Alicia said...

I've been racking my brain all day to figure out some trick to play on the familia tomorrow . . . to no avail. :( My hubby is most definitely NOT a morning person so maybe it's ok that i don't have a joke planned.

My mom once changed ever clock in the house to be an hour early. My dad had no clue until he pulled into work an hour early. He was not amused but my mom got a great laugh!

Carrie said...

I played the same trick (sink sprayer) on Mike but after dinner when he went to wash his plate he just stared at his shirt getting sprayed trying to figure out why? It was very funny!
Here's what I'm thinking about tomorrow - rubber banding Caleb's shirt sleeves so he can't get it on...using food coloring to dye some mashed potatoes and putting them on top of a few cupcakes... I try to get Mike really good one time, we'll see how it goes. Hopefully more people will respond to you and we can get some more great ideas.

Rachel said...

I guess that I'm a party pooper because I dislike April Fool's Day immensely. It's probably because I was a teacher for so long and I used to threaten my students with demerits if they tried anything. I have a good sense of humor but I'm not a practical joker. Sorry for being the "little black cloud" on April 1st.