Wednesday, March 19

where have all the dresses gone?

Apparently, there are no pregnant women in Midland who wish to wear dresses. Except me.

I went shopping for a couple hours last night, and did not see one single maternity dress. I went to 7 stores. It boggled my mind, as I see racks and stacks of dresses for non-pregnant women. I even tried on a few of the "regular dresses" that seemed like they might be able to pass for maternity gear. Some of them fit fine, but were all too something - too low, too short, too loud, too dowdy, etc. Come to think of it, that's not really a pregnancy related problem.

I'm at that stage in the game where I can't wear my maternity dresses from my first pregnancy because my belly isn't big enough, but my regular dresses are a little snug. Ok, more than a little. And Midland's maternity clothing selection has never been fabulous. Most of my collection of clothing are hand me downs from friends and garage sale finds, mixed in with a few new things from nearby cities and some online buys.

I wonder if I can sew something before Sunday. Those "one hour" patterns seldom are, but here's hoping. Pray for my sewing machine. You know how they tend to get an attitude when there's a looming deadline.

Here is where you come in. Both of these fabrics will be made into maternity gear, I just need help deciding which will be first, for this coming Sunday. I'm singing in the choir for the Easter cantata.

The one on the left is a brown and burgundy rayon/poly crepe, a thinner fabric, but would never need ironing. It would be breezy and cool.

The black and white on the right is another poly/rayon blend that has a smoother finish and a heavier weight. It might be a little warmer, but I'm not sure it says "SPRING IS HERE!"

Will you help me choose? Vote! State your opinion! Voice your concerns! Tell me to drive to another city and go shopping! Just don't tell me to shop online. I need to try things on...especially at this "Is She Fat or Pregnant?" stage.


Alicia said...

Your post made me smile. You poor dear soul! I HATE that there's not much selection out there for preggos. Especially with my second pregnancy I desperately wanted some new stuff to help me feel pretty and not chubby.

My fave maternity stuff is from Target. Did you try there? I saw some very cute maternity dresses there a few months ago.

I like the black/white material better but I have to vote for the brown/pink as it seems more eastery. Happy sewing to you! I'll pray the project goes quickly and smoothly!

Alicia said...

Can I change my vote? After thinking about it I say go with the black/white fabric. You could make it look springy by wearing a pink cardigan with it. Let us know how the project goes!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

I say the black and white - but I'm a huge fan of black! I wear it . . . a LOT! It's also suppose to have that slimming effect, which is ALWAYS good for us prego ladies, etc. Do share the end result!

pamela s said...
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pamela s said...

I remember those feelings exactly! I love both, but would probably go with the black too b/c it seems more dressy for the cantata. I love the idea of adding a pink cardigan too!

I know you said not to look online, but I did. :) Motherhood is having quite a sale on their dresses. ($5-$20), so if you have one nearby, you might want to check it out. They mainly look like empire waists, which a lot of non-maternity shirts are now.

I remember those feelings exactly! I love both, but would probably go with the black too b/c it seems more dressy for the cantata. I love the idea of adding a pink cardigan too!

Abby Sokul Turner said...

I also vote for the black and white and love the pink cardigan idea!! I didn't do too many dresses while I was pregnant, mainly because it was during the winter a lot of the pregnancy, so the cold air going up my dress was not fun - plus, I didn't want to wear hose while I was growing!!! But, I did well with motherhood finding dresses as well as Target. I was just at Target the other day and passed the maternity section and they had a lot of cute maternity dresses. Good luck with your sewing project!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Daisies. Or is it Daisys. Dazees? Dad

Rosemary and Dale said...

The Daisies...especially since it is still pretty cool. It looks really "springy" And I bet that the fabric will be easier to cut and assemble than the crepe.
(Those 1 hour dress patterns with no zipper and a tie in the back are great for an 'adjustable waistline') Good luck with the sewing...and the singing.
Blessed Easter, Aunt Rosemary

jeileenbaylor said...

I also say black and's classic. Plus with it being a little thicker, it will be more fitting for the present pre-spring/early spring weather... how often do you wear dresses?

TwoMuths said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions! I will be sure to post progress reports!! Julie, I usually just wear dresses for church on Sundays. When I'm pregnant, I actually like to wear dresses a little more often. They seem so much more loose and comfy, and it's just one piece to worry about. Especially in the summer, it's just super easy to throw on a dress and grab some flip flops.

Michael & Sandra Herriage said...

I'm with the massive group voting for the black and white. I think the flowers help it look more springy than if there weren't any flowers. Good luck!

Shyla said...

ditto to alicia...jazz it up with a colorful cardigan...bright eastery colors (there are some at our walmart for $12. Post pics !:)

Tim & Richelle said...

You've probably had enough comments to decide - but I'd say...

...definitely the black. When I had to be up front while preggo, I most always (if I could) chose black, navy blue... those dark and slimming colors, you know.

I'm sure you'll look beautiful!

Mama Mia said...

I vote for the black too. Add a colorful cardigan and you're good to go! Good luck getting it done for Sunday!