Tuesday, March 25

busy days

Yesterday was my first OB appointment with my new doctor, and we toured the hospital wherein he delivers. A few things were wonderful, a few things were scary, and there are more questions that will be answered on the 15th, after the doctor has gone over my medical records from the last pregnancy.

Wonderful Things:
1. The doctor is a believer, and closed our meeting in prayer, asking that God would give him and us wisdom in our difficult decisions about this birth, and that above all Christ be glorified. How often does that happen?
2. He is going to review my medical records and see how much of my "wish list" he is comfortable with. I love that he is willing to take a look, work with me, and views me as an individual rather than just moving ahead with "standard procedure"
3. He will not induce/augment VBAC labors with any type of drugs. This is great, as it significantly reduces the risk of complications.
4. When the nurse at the hospital asked who I was seeing for prenatal care, and I told her, she said "that is the best possible practice you could have chosen. You should not have any problems having a VBAC." which of course was a big positive.

Scary Things
1. The hospital policies of required IV's/helplock and continual monitoring during labor for VBAC moms. Statistics show that both of these measures can increase the likelihood of repeat c-sections.
2. The hospital itself. While it was much better than I remember *whew* it is still a hospital and I do not like them. This one is a little older, and while the technology is probably more advanced and the staff more qualified, it has a certain aura. I think it's probably just me.
3. The fact that this hospital deals with "high risk" moms a lot. This is scary and good at the same time, for a variety of reasons.
4. I realized for the first time that I will always, automatically, be labeled "high risk" because of my prior c-section. What a horrible thought.
5. We're still not sure where the status is about blood testing and how much of it is necessary. That will be addressed at the next appointment.

And there are more scary things that I have no control over, decisions that cannot possibly be made until the pregnancy progresses, the "what if's" of labor and delivery, the things that my loving and sovereign God has planned for me, our family, and this new little one. Would you please continue to keep us in prayer?

Pray that I will trust my God fully in all things, but especially when it comes to the delivery of this baby. I need to be at the point where I can be at peace with whatever God has, and hold loosely my wishes and expectations of this birth. I also need prayer that I will be able to let go of the prior (perceived negative) experiences and think clearly and rationally through each decision, not allowing the past (and my pregnancy hormones, and fear) to cloud my judgment.


The Barkers said...

I WILL pray for you. Will you pray for me too as I'm struggling with similar things? I know Andrea told you we visited the birthing center. There are so many what ifs we have no control over!!! For us, it is being at complete peace of the financial end. What if I end up in the hosptial at the 30th hour?! Then I end up paying the midwife and a big whopping deductible for a hosptial birth. Ugh...the thought of that is sickening. Probably more so for Joe. :-) I still have questions and I put a call into the insurance co. this morning. Waiting to hear back from them...

Rachel said...

Oh Jenny,

I am so glad that you have a doctor who is a believer. My doctor is a strong Christian man and I thank God for his provision for me and this little guy.

It is SO EASY to tell others to trust in the Lord completely but it is SO DIFFICULT when it comes to our own lives. Most of us want all of the details lined up months in advance:).

You already know that I am still unsure as to who is going to watch Michael while I'm in labor. God knows who will be caring for him even if I don't know yet.

How interesting that all of us have our own very different areas that we need to trust God for. He is faithful and His track record is perfect.

I will continue to pray for you continue on in your pregnancy. I'm so thrilled that you have a doctor that you clicked with. Have a wonderful day:).

Don & Katrina Hines said...

You have some great positives working in your favor! We will definitely be keeping you all in our prayers, as I can understand your desire to have a VBAC. I think that this is great and brave and yet, as you have stated, already predestined by our loving Father.

Thanks for sharing!

nate, christina, and connor said...

sounds like the Lord brought the perfect doc to you! what a blessing. i don't have much knowledge on the subject, but it sounds like there are TONS of things to consider after having a c-section. praying that it works out for your good and His glory. hey, if you have a healthy baby and learn some good lessons from the Lord along the way, i'd say it's a win win. :~)

Kara said...

That is just fantastic, so glad the appointment went well!!!
I don't know much about c-sections, why would an IV increase the likelihood of another c-section?

TwoMuths said...

The IV itself probably doesn't, but it does affect how the mom is treated - more like the birth is a medical emergency, supposedly. Personally, I have a big problem with blood draws and lots of medical junk, just b/c I pass out easily and have had complications with being out too long and having irregular heart rate patterns when I come back to consciousness. Not something I want to deal with while in labor since it feels like you've run a marathon afterwards. And, well, labor takes a lot of energy. LOL.

Tricia said...

Hi Jenny, Did I mention that I had Katlyn VBAC? I then begged my doctor for a repeat C-section with Zach... and was given it. I'll pray that you'll be able to hold your wishes loosely and that God will give you the heart confidence that He will glorify Himself through this. Remember - He is more trustworthy than statistics!!

Carrie said...

It sounds like you have found a great OB!! That is so wonderful that he is a Christian and willing to listen to you and not just treat you as a "number." :) I will definitely continue to keep you in prayer, for all the future decisions and for God's peace and rest!!

Rosemary and Dale said...

I will continue to pray for the health of your little one...whatever that takes. How wonderful that you have a Christian doctor who is willing to work WITH you!!
(Fainting at injections, blood work, etc must run in the family. My daughter has this 'instinctive escape mechanism' too. Her childhood immunizations were 'fun'! As a mom, she can force herself to stay 'upright', if she focuses on her child...usually!) Focusing your mind of something else (the last funny thing that Aaron did, for example), remembering to BREATH, and praying!!! MIGHT help.)
Love, Aunt Rosemary

Shyla said...

I understand you concerns/desires for your labor experience. as much as i would not want a c-section and if i had one i would probably want to try a vbac - it doesn't make you less of a woman if you don't experience "natural" labor! i will pray that you are able to hold your desires loosely knowing that no matter what - God already has it all worked out (maybe you will even get the desire of your heart.)
no hospital etc.. is perfect - and no one likes a hospital. it's only for a few days - maybe you could imagine yourself counseling aaron about staying in the hospital sometime and the things you might say to him you could use to sefl counsel! :)
hang in there!
I wasn't hooked up to ANYTHING with owen. I just told them my desire was to go naturally without any meds and i didn't even have an IV! It was the best! i will pray that for you!
It will all work out. don't give yourself an ulcer! :)