Thursday, March 20

the awe continues

I guess it really is in there. Today, it was "nowIknowmy" and the correct, first time identification of approximately 8 letters before moving on to more exciting things, like building block towers and more specifically, knocking over the ones mommy builds.

My thoughts go something like this:
1. I don't think I'm ready for this.
2. Why can't he catch on to first time obedience this easily?
3. Oh yeah. He's my little pagan.

And then there is the issue of today's naptimes. EW. Children should listen to their parents when they say it's naptime, and sweetly comply. A lot of unpleasantness could be avoided this way. Not to mention, it would be a whole lot easier. There is more than one way God teaches us about ourselves, our shortcomings, His Grace.

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Rosemary and Dale said...

Aw, baby! You're breakin' my heart with those tears! Since I am a grandma, without the responsibility of little ones, I have to say that I am a real softy. When Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come onto me, and FORBID THEM NOT, for of such is the kingdom of heaven", I take the FORBID THEM NOT out of context ALOT!
I like your reminder that God isn't finished with any of us yet!
Love, Aunt Rosemary