Friday, March 7

it's Friday, and all is peachy.

In college, my beloved voice instructor introduced me to the term "gospel song" as being descriptive of a sacred song that was not a hymn. Up until then, "gospel song" had held for me a very honky-tonky-southern-gospel-y connotation.

And when I say, "up until then" I really mean that hearing that term still gives me a case of the southern gospel laughs. I mean FITS of laughter. I can't do it, I really can't call anything for real a gospel song. I've sung plenty of gospel songs in the honky-tonky-southern-gospel-y style, but it was for fun. Now, it's fine with me if you like southern gospel, or honky tonk, or whatever. But for me, it's amusing. You can call me stuffy. I don't mind. *wink*

So today, I judged at MACS. I judged the male vocal solo category. I was a stand-in judge, a last minute addition. It was fabulously fun, bringing back more memories and hilarity than one person has a right to enjoy. There were a few mangled foreign languages, a little voice cracking, and a lot of furrowed brows. There was even a "gospel song." Ending the day was a brilliantly executed aria from The Magic Flute, and when I say brilliant, I mean that the boy sang in German and had us all in stitches. That is brilliance. It was a very good day.

So, thanks Deb. And Brett. You made it all possible. And, I miss you.


Rachel said...

What makes me giggle is the HUGE hair and overdone makeup that I associate with southern gospel.

I have some bluegrass and country music (Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry, etc.) in my genes but I am not a big fan of southern gospel either.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess:).

Rosemary and Dale said...

What a good thing to do!!! use the training and talent that God gave you to encourage these brave kids. Good for you, Jenny! Sounds like a fun day! Your cousins Steve and Shannon have enjoyed being judges in a similar competition at their church (Steve judging Music and Shannon judging a Creative Writing category). The hard part for them was being honest with the kids who had tried SO hard, but just didn't have a have what it took for a 1st rating. But they had fun.
Love, Aunt Rosemary - who, by the way, loves ALMOST all music, ESPECIALLY! Southern Gospel Quartet music! and at this moment is listening to :)

KColas said...

a very good day indeed. I'm glad you enjoyed judging; my experience with it has been rather grueling.

SO glad you're feeling better!

Karis said...

I almost had a fit of laughter imagining you having a fit of laughter over southern gospel music.
I enjoy southern gospel music and similar to your aunt, I love men's quartet groups. Oh, and I wouldn't call you stuffy for your preference. :-)