Tuesday, March 11

the best laid plans

I almost forgot my 8:45 appointment.  I remembered at 8:04.  Thankfully, Aaron was eating his toast and eggs and strapped into his high chair, so I had time for a 4 minute shower and a chance to blow dry my hair.  Surely I'm not the only mother to abandon her child in the high chair, albeit momentarily?

Our taxes are almost done.  Thank you, Turbo Tax.  This year, I promise, I'll keep detailed records of our clothing donations with It's Deductible.  And I'll get reciepts when I donate.  And I won't lose the interest statement from the bank and have to call them for a replacement.  And I'll have another baby.  Just so I can have a "Life Change" for Turbo Tax.

This year, we won't go into debt.  But we'll still be able to re- side the house.  And build a wall of bookshelves in the living room to house our huge library that is 
currently occupying the closet in the office.  The office that needs to be converted into a bedroom.  Before September.  And, we will win a free car to replace the Mazda. Of course, the interest will be paid as part of the deal.  Let's win a vacation, too.

I'm good at thinking up magnificent plans.  Not so good with the follow through.  
I guess that means instead of blogging, and trying not to freak out about the crazy format of this post, I need to go and dust. 


Katie Barker said...

What's It's deductible?

TwoMuths said...

It's a (FREE) online program that tells you how much your clothing donations (and toys, etc) are worth, and allows you to categorize them for tax deductions. It's much more lucrative than a garage sale! Try itsdeductible.com

ruth said...

You make me smile!

LMLogan said...

hilarious post!!! ditto!!! many plans and hopes - let's dream they'll all come true together!! :)