Friday, March 21

Murphy, and his law...

Thanks, y'all, for praying for my sewing machine. It has had a great attitude. I should have had you pray for MY attitude!

I tried a new pattern. I looked at the size chart, I studied the finished garment measurements, I measured myself, I measured the pattern pieces. I measured it all again. I cut out the dress. Somewhere in translation, the "front skirt" piece has about 8 extra inches. No problem, I say, I can fix that. Also, the dress is about 2 sizes too large.

I have extra black & white daisy fabric. So today, I experimented. WITHOUT a pattern, the way I really prefer to sew. Plan B is basically an a-line tube with straps. It's not quite finished, so the jury is still out. Thank you, mom, for helping me pin. A self-conducted fitting is frustrating, if not impossible.

I may decide to scrap the whole thing, and save the daisy fabric for a skirt later on, for I do have plan C. This dress doesn't look so bad on me at this stage in the game, but all I have for footwear that matches would be inappropriate to the weather. So plan C is to find some brightly colored happy spring shoes.

Plan D: I found a dress at Wal*art of all places. In the regular dresses section. Cute, cute, and cheap, cheap. Perfect.

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